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Fiverr should for new user

I think fiverr should help the new user because some new user are skill full but some time they can’t get order and they leave fiverr so I think fiverr help him in first order .Thanks


Yea, fiverr do push them up to front page.
It’s left for them to convert the traffic they getting to sales.


Thank you so much for answering

Your success as a freelancer is never going to be dependent on any site you offer your services on. Do you realize how many “new” sellers Fiverr has everyday? You create your own success. Fiverr does help to an extent in that it does show new sellers listings, but, you have to have a Gig that is worthy of buying. If one is only dependent on the traffic that Fiverr can send, you will get frustrated and quit as a new seller - you have to drive your own traffic as well, and there are many threads on this forum that will outline how to do this. Good luck.



Thank you . I am trying

Greetings, shahidiqbal786.

First of all, I have to agree with the point made by you, as a new seller I struggle getting solid traffic as well, but I understand where this is coming from, as new sellers we need to prove ourselves and deserve our customers.
The thing you can do is have more patience and optimize your gigs, in order to maximize your conversion rate as @curate2341 said.
Follow the advice given by@genuineguidance(which name is really appropriate) - Build your future, it is in your hands. And you are sure to succed.

If you have any more questions or you need more in-depth tips on how to build a successful Gig on Fiverr, check my guide here on the forums: 2 Lessons for the PERFECT GIG (LONG - Only suitable for SERIOUS Sellers)

Best of luck in your Fiverr career!

hi I am a new member. I have not get any order yet

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Fiverr give RISING Talent badge, Also you have got 10 buyer request (which is effective for even old user) so with skill you also need communication skill on how to attarct buyer by good request and communication is key to get order.

So Skill + communication can may your way easy.


hi @genuineguidance thanks very much for this wonderful piece.
I join this community this month, striving harder to reckon a sale.I’ll apply this then.

The first thing you should learn is now you are a business, so you have to change your mindset. If you go fishing, will you tell the fish to jump to your bucket? Do you expect they will?

No, you have to bring your fishing rod, learn how to fish, and improve your knowledge of the sea, the river, the habitants of the sea… YOU are the only who can push your business forward.

Here, you have to build your authority, and that can take MONTHS before making enough for a living. Please read this:

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fiverr already help a lot new sellers. If you are not getting orders, then maybe the problem isn’t with fiverr, right?


then maybe the problem is with the buyer. :tada: :tada:

then there would be no buyers at fiverr.

creating as gig doesnt mean you will get orders.

if you gig has clicks but no orders, I believe the problem isn’t with fiverr or buyers. Just my opinion

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The buyer will always come.

It’s true, better than not, at least tried.

the problem is with the moderator :scream: :scream_cat: :crazy_face:

thanks bhai for this idea share

great answer when i read i enjoy the answer and think about it

Don’t look at others to help you…Help yourself.
fiverr gives push to new users its up to user skill how much they convert it…

dear bro try try again your target in not away from you

good this message motivate me realy thanks brooooooo

If you want to get to the top you have to work. It’s not true, the new algorithm favors new sellers.
I’ve been working for 4 years to be top in a very competitive category. I own the GIG with the highest rating in the video category + 13k, now is on page 7 in the “best sellers” filter. On the front page is a gig with only 12 reviews, member-only 1 month and we offer the same service. If you want to be in the top, you have to deserve, I’ve been working for 4 years to keep up.