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Fiverr should get rid of Seller Hostage Issue

It so annoying when a buyer is satisfied with your work and keeps on giving you more work and kept you hostage for reviews. He knows that even if he is not satisfied with any work in future he could rate bad review for all previous orders. So you are always under pressure workin for him. This makes no sense at all and the buyer must not be able to order again with the same seller if he hasn’t reviewed work first.


What if your buyer need 2 different orders but done at the same time because they are in a time crunch and can not wait for first order to finish to start a new one?

Fiverr does state that it’s against TOS to blackmail sellers to do more work so they wouldn’t leave a bad review.

So when you see situation like this it’s up to you and your communication skills.

I don’t let anyone blackmail me. I immediately send them A screenshot from TOS and politely pointing that I delivered everything as per my gig description and their original requirements and that blackmailing is strictly forbidden on fiverr. In some cases you can say that out that of course we can do more work but it will be a separate gig and it will cost x amount. (But I prefer not to work with people like that anymore)

If they indeed will leave a bad review you can reach out to CS with their threat to leave a bad review if you wouldn’t do more work and you might have a chance for CS to remove that feedback if it violated fiverr TOS


You ABSOLUTELY misunderstood my post.
Let’s assume a situation:
Buyer placed order, you completed he didn’t review.
Buyer placed order again didn’t review and it continues at order 10. At this point, he hasn’t reviewed any of your work. Nor did he threatened or blackmailed you.
Now at order 11, somehow he is not satisfied with your work as he was with previous 10.

Now he has the option to not say anything and give negative feedback for all 11 orders as he hasn’t said anywhere if he was okay with last 10 orders or not.
What will you do now? Support cannot do anything in this case

And they shouldn’t.
No one can force people leave reviews, it’s totally up to your buyer if they want to leave a review or not. Fiverr already reminding them to leave a review 2 times.
Your buyer can leave any review they want and that will be their experience which is always subjective. No one can do anything here. Even if you feel it’s not fair they still can leave what ever reviews they want as per their experience. (And of it violates fiverr TOS it will be removed and if not it will stay on your profile as their experience)
And again you didn’t answer my question for your suggestion:


how this relates to the scenario i discussed?

Very directly. You suggested that buyers should be able to place an order only after they complete and review their first order. Here is your quote.

You are saying that they need to be obliged to review their first order in order to be able to place second order with you.

In a case where your buyer in a rush and need 2 orders to be done at the same time by you what would you do?


its simple common sense just send custom order for 2nd order with “Allow Buyer to place order without feedback of previous order” just tick the box send offer and the buyer will accept.

It’s not a common sense.common sense has a totally different meaning.

Your suggestion doesn’t make any sense. If the purpose to restrict buyers placing second order because you feel pressured working on it then it will be totally pointless to allow to do that with a custom offer because you still will be left with the same result: first order is not rated and your custom offer still will make you feel under pressure.
Totally pointless.
Not even talking that the whole point of fiverr is for buyers to be able to place orders whenever they want or need without waiting for their seller to send them a custom offer.

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Though since they only have 10 days to leave a public review that will put some limit on the number they could go back and leave a negative review for.

the buyer must not be able to order again with the same seller if he hasn’t reviewed work first.

The buyer might also be happy with the previous order(s) and just not want to leave a public review. 10 days from the first order completion they wouldn’t be able to review it anyway. You could also put a limit on the number of orders in the queue for each gig. Though I don’t think sellers have any control over the “Qty” field the buyer can select, ordering multiple amounts of the gig in one go (I’m not sure if that’s limited by “limit orders in queue”).

If this happens you could go to CS about the issue. Maybe they’d adjust the system a bit if it happens a lot.


He only has 13 days from when you deliver to give a review. How many orders can one person place in 13 days? Tell them not to order from you so often or after asking you first.

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1 each day. I’m speaking from experience here. Wasn’t a good time.


Did you have any (multiple) instances when this actually happened? Were you ever explicitly threatened in such a way?

If yes, screenshot/report/block. If not, you’re just assuming things that might not be true. I have a few regular buyers who never once left a review and still come back with new orders.

What you’re proposing is not going to happen because it forces a buyer to leave a review if they want to continue to use fiverr. It’s unethical and it gets in the way of sales.

I seriously wish the reviewing process was just left alone. People are always trying to make the buyer leave a review, to ask for a review, to demand a review, etc. Reviewing is not mandatory.


That would be very unethical. Sellers shouldn’t get to influence who, if or how people leave reviews. That defeats the whole purpose of reviews.

Reviews exist to help prospective buyers make their decision. No one is holding anything hostage. This is how reviews work.