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Fiverr should give phone-call feature

When seller is not able to understand the requirement of buyer it is difficult to make seller understand on text!


You can always use a site which does allow you to contact sellers by phone.


The problem with giving a phone-call feature is that the seller will permanently have the buyer’s phone number, which is something many buyers will not agree with.

Why wouldn’t the buyer want to share their phone number with a seller they don’t know? Several reasons, such as:

  • being called like crazy and at weird hours due to timezone issues
  • possibility of being spammed with new offers
  • if buyer wants a refund, all hell would break lose with some sellers who’d start threatening by phone
  • due to privacy reasons when dealing with resellers
  • etc.

– imagine buyers having to change their phone numbers because of the above reasons


yes, having not to share the personal contact details is great feature.
though many of my buyers want to be discuss the job personally but it is better to discuss things here.
i do think that there should be a call support help line for all countries so any concern can be discussed immediately and personally