Fiverr should give some warning before disable an account


I suggest fiverr to give one warning to user before disable account, they should have to verify the reason of disabling account.


From what I know, usually Fiverr gives out a warning (depending on the situation I believe) and they will explain why the account was disabled.
I’ve read about cases where it got disabled due to a misunderstanding, but usually there is a clear reason behind it and they will tell you.


They do, it’s called TOS.


They don’t want to deal with all the rants and lies that would ensue if they gave warnings.


I think 2 will be great…


Two warnings are completely unnecessary, especially of you read the first warnings in the TOS. It is YOUR responsibility to know the rules of Fiverr before starting to work here.

YOUR responsibility. If you fail to read the rules, then you should have your account disabled when you break those rules. The rules are clearly posted – at the bottom of every Fiverr page. This isn’t a hard concept to grasp. Be wise. Know the rules. :wink:


I totally agree with you. My old account with over 47 sales already was banned for what i still do not know till today. Fiverr should always let users know that they are going against terms and the particular one they break… I was really down when i messaged their support to fix my account yet they kept saying it was never going to be restored…


Thats sad, hope you get your new page running prosperously. kyhu


@swaggha still struggling with it. Its not easy to start all over.


i know thats completely true being a new seller reall has its perks but it will check out in time.


definitely that’s true :sunglasses:


I think Fiverr assumes that you have read through the TOS and that all sellers should know what is and isn’t allowed, and it is the sellers’ responsibility to check whether they are following the rules.
What kind of gigs did you offer in your previous account?


@zeus777 i was offering just webdesign gig, the terms and condition is not a one line sentence that users can just go over and get to know every detail, i was even on vacation when my account was disabled, i came beck only to see i no longer have an account with fiverr, i made relentless effort to make them see reason that i was on vacation and they might be making a mistake, but it was fruitless, i had to restart again


Indeed it is VERY long, but we all need to read it.
If there are any parts from the TOS that is not clear, you can always ask.
I’ve done it a few times before, I asked for clarification here at the forum and I got my answer. It’s extra work but it’s worth it in the end for sure.


Fiverr does.
I got it earlier i know


It’s true. And @jonbaas is kind of right too, but sometimes is just a misunderstanding that can be solved if we get a warning…


I’ve been here five years but still read the Terms of Service completely every couple of months.