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Fiverr should have a confirmatory message on withdrawals

i see that a new feature has just been added as regards withdrawals , however, while trying to view the new feature ,my mouse key accidentally clicked on the paypal button and lo and behold a message was sent to my email for withdrawal.

i would have loved if fiverr asked you again if you really wanted to make that withdrawal or not when you click on the paypal button.


I’m bumping this thread because I also did accidentally clicked on withdrawal button when I have a small balance. This post from 2015 and yet they have not implemented this feature. I even contacted CS and told them about this recently.

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I agree with you that should be improved.

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They send you an email which you need to click to confirm you want to withdraw.

If you don’t click the link, it doesn’t get withdrawn and you can try again tomorrow.

Isn’t that a similar thing?


I’m withdrawing using Payoneer “Bank Transfer” option.

In that way there are no confirmation emails.

Only confirmation email they send is that the transfer is complete, like this:

Then after the withdrawal is completed, Payoneer will send this email.

I guess you are withdrawing using PayPal @offlinehelpers? Never used it because it is not fully supported in our country.

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Ah right - the initial post mentioned PayPal,which is what I thought you were asking about. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh didn’t know about that. I thought it is common for PayPal also. Only for Payoneer it seems.

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