Fiverr Should Have Client Folders


Fiverr should have client folders, where you can go back and see all your images or documents sent to each client.
This is best suited for people who have repeat buyers because a buyer might have sent something for their order, weeks to months ago. This saves so much time if there was like a “picture folder” of all the pictures sent and a “documents folder” of all the documents sent.

What do you all think?


While that might indeed be helpful, I have a feeling Fiverr won’t implement this merely because of the drain that would have on server resources. The more large user-created files Fiverr has to store on their servers, the more expensive it becomes for Fiverr – and, by default the more their overhead becomes. The more Fiverr has to pay to host things, the less profit they make.

It, therefore, is probably best to leave the user files issue up to each seller. You can store them on your own computer – in whatever files you wish, and then just upload them again whenever your client has need of them. :slight_smile:


That makes sense. I didn’t think of how much it could cost on Fiverr’s end with hosting.
This serves as a reminder to save everything your clients give you (even example works) into their folders on your computer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, I do the same – for a set period of time, at least. :slight_smile: