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Fiverr should have provided "Accept the order" button for sellers


There is a very serious problem for all the sellers on Fiverr to face unwanted orders :expressionless:

many buyers do the order directly without contacting us and they demand for what we don’t offer or they demand to do it only for $5

the only option to cancel the order with mutual understanding but if buyer doesn’t agree so we could get the negative rating either fulfill their demands only for $5.

i have faced this problem many times thus my profile has been increasing cancellation ratio and when it happened to me for the first time. i have deliver his order only for $5 which worth 125$ but still he gave me negative rating and gone.

some days ago a buyer ordered directly with no adding extras and demanding me to do $60 work in $5

but i told him very politely that you have to purchase more gig or adding extras for this type of work. He didn’t listen either he must know that Nobody can do it for $5 in universe but he threaten me to report abuse and complain about me to fiverr.

i didn’t reply him with any bad words or not showed any aggression to maintaining my profile and fiverr policy. I still very polite to him but he was not.

and i know many sellers must have faced and going through the same problem.

So i want from Fiverr management as always your managements and policies are wonderful for both(buyer and sellers)

Please do a favor for sellers for this time

The Sellers Should have Accept The Order’ button with all info.

It will Help a lot to balance and justify both sides.

Thank you!!!



It’s a nice thought, unfortunately in the business world most sales are from impulse buys, especially when the cost is as little as $5. This being the case by providing such a feature this would cut drastically into their profits. It would definitely be a good idea, but I don’t see them implementing it for this reason.


What you posted in this topic is Very important.

I just got an order from a buyer to design a website page with photoshop with many revisions with only one Gig… he is a nice person but didn’t contacted me to give him the real cost of his order… and i couldn’t refuse to do the job.

This is one of many cases in the last 3 months i’ve been here and i’m sure that fiverr don’t care about sellers enough.

Excuse me for my English

Thank you for your topic


Couldnt agree more! Well said

Sellers have to believe that Fiverr is well aware of this issue and that it is becoming more and more serious-especially when the CC company becomes involved. Papal already places special attention to Fiverr transactions. Given the light that sellers can become members on other competitive sites with similar platforms, it will be only a matter of time for Fiverr to respond on these issues. An example is that I know many sellers here that make 10 times the money in their ClickBank accounts.

I wish this happens. fingers crossed till eternity :confused:

I wish we can have this! :slight_smile:

aabushaikha - That feature is totally not needed. As a buyer you can see the seller’s delivery date. You must understand that you can cancel an order when it goes late and even leave bad feedback at that point. If your delivery is urgent you should send a message to the seller if you have a deadline and communicate that first. Almost ALL of my video orders are done once or twice a week. I have a 4 day deadline on my gigs. I deliver almost all my videos on the last delivery day because I dont want to be making $5 and $10 videos every single day… instead I do all my orders once or twice a week.

I agree completely, but frankly, it doesn’t look like the Fiverr team is really active on their own forum. I wonder if they even pay attention to suggestions… I know a site like this is a lot of work, but there are so many features lacking that anyone who would set up a similar system would consider basic and obvious. Although it’s always easier to improve existing systems rather than building it from scratch. I wish they’d hire more developers though…

Yeah even I want it…

I haven’t had any real issues with bad buyers (knock on wood). But I have gotten orders from out of nowhere where they order multiple orders and wanted it done within TWO HOURS and I already had 5 orders lined up… It’s almost never a big deal when I get orders without a message, I’m cool with that. But 3 multiple orders in 2 hours- that means I have to put your order first in front of everyone else who ordered before you, and some ordered a day before. I’m always willing to accommodate buyers, but I hate having to put others behind that person, specially when they just seem so inconsiderate of the seller and other buyers.

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I think I’m going to bump this thread every time I have the need for a “Reject Order” button.

So … BUMP #1

– My reason today : A client ordered a video from me with his script which is over the word count for a $5 order. He wants my background changes and on-screen text. These elements add up to about $55 dollars.

His order was , I repeat , $5.

Upon telling him of his mistake and quoting him a correct price , his reply is…

“Next time advertise what you can deliver

Please refund the money immiditely”

– Conclusion: This is exactly why we need to be able to reject orders like this. I would have promptly rejected the order from day 1 and contact the client with my message.

Now my only choice is to hope he can figure out how to cancel the order…

((Most buyers seem to not be able to figure out how to CANCEL orders or REMOVE FEEDBACK)).

If he can’t figure it out , the order will go late and he’ll be able to leave a bad review.

If I cancel the order , I’ll incur a higher “cancellation ratio” on my gig which hurts me in several ways.

I’m supposed to contact support if he doesnt figure this out in 4 days.

I have way too much stuff to do than to babysit things like this on fiverr.

This is why we need this feature.

Question to everyone:

What would you do if this happened to you? And how would you feel if this happens almost twice a week?

((Even though you’ve changed your gig’s description and video to be able to be understood by a 4th grader about 5 separate times already…))

The problem is , people can’t , don’t , or choose not to read these days. Period. There needs to be a way for sellers to REMOVE THESE PEOPLE FROM THEIR LIFE… with one simple button as suggested by the original poster of this thread.

I hear you. This is exactly why I deleted some of my Gigs. People just don’t seem to get it. I do like the vacation mode, finally. Made my score low in exams sessions (2-3 months each session) when I had orders, this is a time when I don’t even do anything but study… Orders just came in and got canceled, as I didn’t response to them. As for the accept button, I really agree. I had a Gig for making landing page (squeeze) page, where I wrote what the person needs to use the page (domain, hosting, etc). But 90% just gave me one sentence and thought I could miraculously guess what they want me to do. We (as sellers) should definitely get this option, as it will actually (imho) help buyers too. If a buyer is not smart enough to read instructions, then he is not smarter than a 4th grader as you just said.

Well, let me agree on the need of this option to be available but from a buyer point of view, sometimes we waste our time and especially when its something urgent to wait someone (seller) for 5 days and then he/she didn’t bother to say that they will/will not deliver our work and all what Fiverr do is to refund our money, what about our time???

I suggest that each seller MUST reply with ‘‘Yes I will work on your order’’ or ‘’ NO I can’t do it’’ within 24 hours of the order, other wise order should be cancelled automatically.


i agree!

Start a petition on and get sellers to sign it.

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same happened with me on my first order. Just after 2 hours getting my first order i got another one. And its really hard to manage.
Need Accept order option. please fiverr make it available for smooth work.

One thing we can change to our gigs is expanding the delivery time. If you deliver a order in 1 day you can expand it to 2 days to avoid any situation. Just an idea

This is something that also came in my mind a long time ago. Here I got to know the point of view of the buyer which is quite right. I think fiverr has improved a lot in past few years and surely they’ll come up with something acceptable by sellers and as well as by buyers.
In my opinion we need different solution for the same problem. Sometime buyer can order something which we can’t do or there are already so many orders in line and there is one order come up with urgent delivery.
Basic solution should be to have basic communication before the order took place. Make it mandatory to have conversation before placing the order or let seller choose if he wants every order to be custom made or not.

These kind of stuff can be brought in and we may have solution for this problem.