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Fiverr should help new members


fiverr should help new members to growup


I think it’s up to Fiverr users to grow up by themselves.

Fiverr isn’t a nursery.


Fiverr has done a lot of things to help new sellers:

  • It created this forum, which is filled to the brim with tips and advice.

  • It created the Seller Help Center, which features a range of articles that will take you from being a Fiverr novice to a Fiverr expert.

  • It created a podcast, which discusses everything from starting out to levelling up.

  • It created a blog, where many of Fiverr’s top sellers share advice on a range of issues, including productivity and marketing.

  • It created an exclusive area of the search results featuring only new Gigs, allowing them to receive extra exposure.

  • It created the Rising Talent initiative, whereby selected new sellers are given preferential search ranking for an extended period of time.

  • It created Learn, an area of Fiverr featuring paid courses for all to access. These paid courses are great for sharpening up different skills.