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Fiverr should help sellers more with respect to cancellation of orders

Well that’s just a mishap of mine!

I’m Zahrah from Mauritius. Its just a bad experience which i would like to share.

I’ve been offering translation services on fiver. I’ve been approached by a buyer who just ordered a translation service which i do not offer and i made it clear in my gig description. Then the final outcome was a cancellation which of course reflects on my profile. That led me to delete the service completely.

I was really sad about it because i’ve always ensured excellent customer service. That affected my order completion statistics, while i always complete orders on time. As a new seller, its not really a good impression as buyers do not know what really happened. The reality is that buyers do not read descriptions, although you took a lot of time to prepare the description of your gig. I’m sure there are more such experiences from my fellow sellers.

I think that fiverr should help sellers with that. We all want to help our customers the best of our abilities and sellers should have some protection. I understand that some new buyers are unfamiliar to the platform, so are new sellers. Hence, I think, we should receive a bit more protection as well.

My suggestion would be to allow sellers the power of not accepting orders on certain conditions: e.g. only if the order isn’t within the scope of the gig (maybe a support team can verify that).

With this, i hope that some improvements will be made :slight_smile:


The effects of cancelling orders has been greatly exaggerated by some people.
Having an occasional cancellation is normal and you should not worry about it at all. It happens.

If you find you are having a lot of them then you need to check to see if your gig description is causing it.
Are your tags correct, did your gig show up in the wrong category? I have seen some gigs showing up for the completely wrong language so it is worth checking. Is your gig description misleading or have you left some info out?

Regardless, even if it is not your gig’s fault, I don’t see any point deleting a gig because of cancellations.


Thanks for all your advice.
No no, my gig description was clear and precise. I did my research while crafting the gig, so category was right.

My gig was specific to translate narrative texts (e.g. stories), not product descriptions or legal documents and i wrote that clearly in my gig description. The buyer went on to order a translation for a legal text, which i don’t do as i wasn’t trained for that.

I deleted it because I didn’t want more misunderstandings and as a new seller, cancellations doesn’t reflect a good impression on your profile and potential new buyers. But anyway I’m happy that when I did it, this experience didn’t reoccur. However, unless some improvement shows up for sellers, i’ll definitely put it back :slight_smile:

Cancellations do not show up on your profile. Only you can see how many you have cancelled.
The stats also only count cancellations for 60 days, so even if you have a period where you have a lot of them it is only temporary.

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That’s a relief indeed! Thank you very much :smiley:

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