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Fiverr should Implement a Call option

I keep running into an issue with buyers…something is too difficult to explain over text and a buyer with a serious job on the table wants to discuss over a phone call. Under Fiverr’s TOS, we cannot share that information. I fully understand why we can’t share that info, though, if communication should be kept on the platform it would be nice to have more options to communicate with our buyers.

Even a feature in the inbox to leave short audio messages using your computer or phone microphone? In the past, buyers have left more detailed audio instructions for me to listen to, but they had to record it separately and then upload to the platform. I would be cool to see a system like this directly integrated into the platform. I’m interested in hearing thoughts from the community!



To be honest, while this might seem like a good idea, the only way it would ever work is if buyers had to place an order for a direct consultation.

The kind of person who can’t explain their brief in a written synopsis, usually can’t explain it in person or via a telephone call either. More to the point, from my own experience with clients online and offline, those who need the extra one to one dialogue and sit down consultations are the most hellish to work for.

Locally, I work with a local real estate agent to create video tours of properties. That gig took 1 meeting to set up and about a day of backward and forward communication via email. Occasionally, wannabe realtors and people selling houses hear about my service. They, however, don’t just want to have a video made to showcase their property. They want multiple ego massages in person and via phone.

Sadly, if you are priced at anything below $100 on Fiverr, the latter type of buyer will almost always be the kind that wants to chat via phone, Skype, or liaise in person.


There is nothing in the world “too difficult” to explain over text.

Have you heard of textbooks? They teach some very complicated subjects in text.

You communicate very well in writing.


I actually agree. I currently offer Skype consultations only after a purchase is made.
This eliminates many issues and provides me with the opportunity. to actually understand the clients request in real-time.

Do note that Fiverr does allow outside communication if it is indeed needed as part of the project.