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Fiverr should implement the seller seniority to rank gigs


More and more sellers invade fiverr, and more and more sellers pretend to be (experts) while they are not, and we as old sellers wheter you’re 3,5 or even 10 years old in fiverr, we are losing orders, fiverr should implement (seniority) in their ranking algorithms in order to maintain the old honest seller.

If you agree press like and let me know your opinion.



So instead of adapting and overcoming the competition, you feel like your “seniority” should instead be enough for you to get guaranteed work on this platform?

This platform is a highly competitive marketplace. You need to step up your game if you feel like your category is flooded with new sellers.

By the way, if there was a “seniority favoritism” feature:

Your account is 3 years old.
Mine is 7 years old.

Thank you for playing.

(does that seem more fair to you?)

P.S. If you truly are an expert in your field, you should have NO problem showcasing that and standing out.


hmm, I should rather agree with you, as I am old enough compared to most people here. But I do NOT.

  1. I suffered long enough because most western Capitalist so-called competitive companies today no longer care about proper performance reviews for their employees. It is more about how obedient you’ve been

  2. If you watched CNN lately (I’ve been a fan for 13 years, but not anymore), there is a HUGE number of idiots with a tone of degrees and diplomas who have no clue what they say. Going back, nobody checks if their predictions became true (they do NOT - but who cares).

  3. I’m old enough, as I said, but I would promote and push forward any 20 years old guy who does great things.

  4. Where I actually agree with you is everybody can pretend to be an “expert” today without any proof. And no, I don’t always believe a guy with a tone of 5-star fiverr gigs is absolutely an expert. I’ve seen there are networks of “gig exchanges” and other stuff like that that fiverr doesn’t care much about. They should.


I disagree, and I have been here for a very long time. The first few years of my Fiverr account experience, I completely forgot about the site and did no work here. I think that’s true for quite a few people. Why should I get rewarded for that? Why should anyone who signed up long ago? They could have no clue what they’re doing and not offer any viable work to buyers.

This idea would also hurt Fiverr’s bottom line. No new sellers would sign up because they’d have no hope. Merit-based is the way to go, I think.


I do not agree with you at all. It’s a competitive site. The fact that you have been here longer than others does not guarantee you a permanent top spot in the hierarchy.

Up your game, and you will stay up.

Well said. It needs to be based on what buyers want and what helps the company meet their objectives.

Time here alone means nothing.

Sellers who struggle will be more successful if they focus on what buyers want instead of what they want.


There’s no priority to senior seller. Who can make more money to fiverr he will ranked better.

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To be honest, this problem could be addressed just by automatically closing new seller accounts that don’t make any sales in 3-months after being setup. When I don’t use other platforms for a while, they send emails asking if I’m still active or saying they have paused my account.

There are some categories where you can go through up to 8 pages of search results and see gigs that have never sol a thing. This is problem given Fiverr’s mysterious way of suddenly shuffling gigs to the last page of results.

Take away all the gigs that never sell, and everything gets fairer for all active sellers, whether they are senior sellers or not.


They kind of do - or at least, used to. My first (they tanked, btw) couple of gigs sold nothing much until they had been deactivated 3 times by Fiverr - yes, at about 3 month intervals. It may be they’ve stopped doing that more recently. Don’t know. My gigs are totally different now and sell reasonably well …

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You should be a Teacher where seniority matters more sometimes than talent.

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this will not happen because:

  1. fiverr wants to present lots of merchandise, to encourage anyone to waste… sorry… spend his time here :wink:

  2. having no sells (yet) could mean you are new. and there is a psychological advantage for older sellers, as people pick up sellers with more sales and reviews (I know I did).

what if they hide the number of reviews, to give an equal chance to everyone? :smiley: (just kidding…)

Don’t you think you already have an upper hand as in your 3 years here you would’ve been able to build your profile and proof your expertise?

You sound like one of those people that care more about making sure no one gets further than you, rather than going further yourself.

Go build your own profile, create more gigs, work on the existing one, etc…

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This is a good idea . Too much sellers are actually flooding the market hurting visibility of sellers been here for a while, new sellers should be allowed but in a limited amount so the market doesn’t suffer for everyone, this is the basics of economics, any successful industry succeed by controlling the output and the quality. Value also decreasing since the market get stuck into low cost economy. Also many experienced sellers are actually producing high value work and finally go away to more professional place (full time job or other alternative networks). Fiverr indeed because of this get locked into a messy low quality gap while it could actually use those experiences sellers to attract more pro buyers and drive the market up. Based on research , the main reason a social media/crowdsourcing platforms failed is because of poor quality content generation or poor treatment of this content.

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True words yorden !!

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Seems like you have little knowledge of how Fiverr works. Who cares if there gazillion new sellers joining the platform? If you keep delivering quality outputs and retains your levels and good review, you will still relevant to the search ranking. Fiverr is not stupid to put new sellers with low credibility or bad portfolio on front page, instead they prioritize gigs which has good reviews to keep their reputation. Plus, if you put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, if they want quality works, they wouldn’t go for new sellers, instead they will take their time to find a reputable and experienced sellers.

So for me, as 4 years active seller, new sellers doesn’t concern me at all.

Nice work , well true . It works for your field , when I see your work , you keep a nice looking result but keeping things simple and also the framework stay generally well controlled in a 2D environment. Also your experience is giving you an additional advantage because sketching becomes more and more natural. Your point of view is also quit interesting and makes me change my mind a little bit.

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I don’t think the search ranking algorithm would be able to tell the quality of the portfolio directly (it probably doesn’t have the AI for that). And I doubt Fiverr staff are rating the portfolio for every search search phrase (though I suppose they might rate it for every new gig/gig change but I doubt it really). It also shows one graphic on the first page of search results that is cropped badly at the bottom of the screen due to the aspect ratio being too different.

They probably do check gigs more that appear as the first in a category/subcategory or the ones they’re promoting though.

instead they prioritize gigs which has good reviews to keep their reputation.

Maybe, but they also show gigs with no reviews above some with 5 stars, and they aren’t really in rating order. They also show studio gigs above other gigs (and I assume that’s giving a boost to senior sellers as you are unlikely to be part of a studio without a level. I think studio members are mostly level 2 or Pros). They also show a studio gig on the first page of a search result even if it’s a 4.5 star rating and ones ranked worse are a higher rating.

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To all who disagreed with me, I didn’t say that fiverr should implement seniority as the only ranking factor, but one of the ranking factors, this factor is already implemented on ebay.

Anyway I had to leave fiverr to other marketplaces

you are not wrong , anyone should be able to share opinion. This is foundation of healthy and free developing environment. Many factors can be included but surely seniority is a very important one . for sure new sellers which are a lot will not like it and it is easy to understand. But should a novice benefit same advantages as a senior who dedicate a lot more into the platform ? I personnaly think fiverr can do a lot more for the industry and have plenty of space to do it , I also think it is suffering from this low cost reputation , attracting a lot of low quality contents but also crazy gems , those crazy gems should be easier to find ;).

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Completely disagree with you! Expertise doesn’t come with how old you are, It’s matter of how you adjust with modern technologies. May be you are using Nokia brand phone yet :joy::joy::joy::joy: