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Fiverr should INCREASE the percent fee's!

FIVERR SHOULD INCREASE THEIR COMMISSION SPLITS based on badge levels and make “TOP SELLER” part of the automatic program.

TOP LEVEL BADGE = 20% — Top Seller should be automatically given by the system after 1 year
SUPER SELLER = 18% — should be given automatically if you meet all of the below, if you have made at least $1000.00 per month in sales in 3-6 consecutive months, ALL TOP SELLERS should be moved up to “SUPER SELLERS”

If you want to start off at 20% which is the lowest commission split you can reach automatically, then you have to pay a monthly fee of $10 dollars which they have to PREPAY for up to the YEAR… which is $120.00 dollars.

NOW is the time to do this… Fiverr…

Since you are already a Top Seller, I believe this is unfair. I would like to see if you were a New Seller and suggesting the same. Please think about everyone before suggesting something like this.

He’s kind of suggesting Top Seller be available and automatic for everyone. Top Seller is currently a status that can only be given manually.

I know that.
I was asking about the percentages he mentioned when he is himself a Top Rated Seller. Perhaps you misunderstood my point.

Yes perhaps I misunderstood it, you didn’t really clearly say you were referring to that.

Agree with : leveling the fees

Disagree with : THE VERY HIGH fees for new sellers, Level 1, Level2

The fees can be like that would be better:
New Seller > %22
Lv1 > %20
Lv2> 18%
TRS > %15

You should encourage new sellers to grow, but with the %35 they will die.

I’m still a New Seller Level. I want to gime an opinion about leveling fees.

  1. NS = 25%
  2. Lv 1 = 20%
  3. Lv 2 = 15%
  4. TRS = 10%

I agree with @nine_tails_fox that 35% will make new seller die and Fiverr will lost thousands new member. It will affect the business significantly.

Remember, Upwork just take fee for 10%.