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Fiverr should introduce Fiverr Team for Sellers

I think Fiverr should introduce a Team Option for sellers too,
Fiverr Team should have these options.

Anyone having Level 2 can create a Seller Team.
Admin will have the ability to add any member in his team.
All team member can see the orders of Admin Head member and can deliver it on behalf of Admin.
Admin can also Give/ Share his earning to their member.

What do you think about it?


That’s a great idea. That really should be an option for sellers.

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Yes it would give us time to work with other people as a team,

it will also help new sellers…


Obviously, they can be a part of any team!

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@znbbhalli Read this

I whole-heartedly agree.

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I agree too. (& this text is Just for making my post 20 characters long :-|)

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Thankyou sir i hope fiverr will think about it

@seoexpert234 i strongly agree with you i think this feature will make fiverr more boom i love to use fiverr thank yoi for your suggestion