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Fiverr Should introduce Non Disclosure Agreement Form

Sometimes clients ask for the signing of NDA forms. When I was new I signed it at that time and then received a warning for sharing contact details. many times the client refuses to order until the signing of the NDA form. and you should be aware of the fact that only big clients demand NDA forms. Fiverr should introduce NDA Form just like some other websites do.


I doubt this will happen, because NDA’s usually require personal information, signatures, etc. Sharing anything like that with a buyer goes against Fiverr’s rules.


It could be done with a basic checkbox with optional increase in price, same as commecial use licensing is working now. Buyer and Seller don’t need to exchange their personal information for that to work, if fiverr has the required data on both parties. Fiverr would only have to reveal it to court/authorities if legal dispute comes up.


You are right, But as of my experience, client dont understand these logics.

Not true, I’ve had potential buyers who wanted me to sign an NDA form and were looking for a $5 order.

If being able to sign NDAs is important to you and you often (or somewhat often) get clients who demand it, contact CS and ask them for permission to sign NDAs when needed (and also ask them how to do it without breaking the rules). There are sellers who already got that permission from CS.


Really, Thank you very much for suggestions…But there is one problem that CS typically replies in 48 hours, and you know that clients are sometime in hurry

We did exactly this recently. We were willing to sign an NDA related to an order for a new app. Fiverr CS told us that where the client wanted our name, we could say ‘CubittAudio’, and where they wanted our address, we could say ‘Fiverr’. We weren’t allowed to give any more than that.

When I relayed this to the client (a marketing guy in a medium sized US corporation), he said “I wouldn’t insult the intelligence of our legal department by putting that in front of them.” And, I agree with him, it’s pointless. We lost the opportunity (and it was a high value opportunity).

Signing NDAs via Fiverr isn’t likely to work. Fiverr, rightly, wouldn’t want to get in the middle of something like that. What’s more likely to work, is to allow sellers the ‘perk’ of a bit more flexibility and trust when it comes to sharing information with clients, perhaps as they move up the levels. There’s nothing wrong with earning your trust. The fact is, not all work can be completed via Fiverr’s archaic messaging system.

It would still have to be in accordance with the TOS, and Fiverr could spot-check to ensure it’s not being abused.

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fiver should introduced the NDA form!!!

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I didn’t mean that the sellers who got the permission asked for each potential order; they asked in advance (for example, like someone might ask for permission to have a gig for tutoring via S.kype and use S.kype for that purpose, and once the permission is granted, doesn’t have to ask every single time again).

So, you could ask now, for all the future orders.

The possible trouble is what @cubittaudio said, CS typically demands that you sign just with your Fiverr username, not with any actual personal contact details, and for some buyers, it’s not enough. On the other hand, there are buyers who’d be happy with that solution, so it might be worth a try.