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Fiverr should introduce 'Partial Refund' option


Recently a Buyer asked me to refund because I failed to rank his “Keyword” from the Google’s 9th page to the first page. As the Buyer witnessed some improvement in the ranking so he wished to make a Partial refund and offered me to keep the rest of the money.
As I had delivered the Order so there was no Partial refund Option and we had to Cancel the Order. I suggest the Fiverr team to consider adding a “Partial Refund” or similar Option for great selling & buying experience.

Partial Refunds

Hi there,

I think it is a great idea because a lot of my clients ask for partial refund and it is very difficult to partial refund them.
I think Fiverr editorial team should think about it.



Agreed. There are many times when it shouldn’t be “all or nothing”.


Nice Suggestion. Currently the only way to do it is to mutually cancel the order and ask the buyer to make another order. Though this will increase your cancellation percentage.


I wouldn’t support this feature. Instead, you should not promise to clients something that you can’t guarantee.

For example, @grandmaa your gig says "We Guarantee 30% rank boost under over Basic package and 40-60% under over standard & premium package with Money Pack Guarantee."
You shouldn’t make this promise in the first place because in reality, you have no control over Google ranking. Especially before you’ve even seen customer’s website.


This is a terrible idea because it would be immediately abused by predatory buyers.

Every sale would become open to negotiation after delivery, and this would make sellers lives an absolute nightmare.


In a way they already have it.

After inquiring to the Fiverr CS about it once, they’ve told me that the partial refunds can be made under the supervision of CS after the agreement of both the Seller and the Buyer, after which the Fiverr CS will supervise the new order from the Buyer (equal to the amount that needs to be refunded), then after its completion cancel the current order without harm to the Seller’s rating and complete the “partial refund” process that way.

I didn’t ask what would happen if Buyer decided to leave a 1 star rating on the new order as I didn’t really like the way they told me it could be done considering the current system doesn’t support any other way and those guys are always trying to help the best mutually beneficial agreement be reached.

That was several months ago. On making “partial refunds” officially a part of the system - I don’t think they’ll do it.

It raises too many implications and has few actual benefits as opposed to the current system.


Even if I do 110%, the buyer will see it as 60% to get a partial refund.
Agreed! :ok_hand:


yes i agree with you, it would be better for us. So we need take a survey for this feature :slight_smile:


A professional Buyer will never Abuse this Feature. If the customer is satisfied with your work then he should not make any refund claim. This Feature should be visible to the Sellers Only because Order cancellations hurts only the sellers.


Agree with that.

Now let me know how you make a difference between a professional buyer and a “discount predator” when they order directly to you.
I’m curious to know…


Yeah, there is no way to stop the “Discount Predators” but currently the Discount Predators enjoying a Full Refund and i want them to pay a Portion for our work.


And that’s exactly how it works right now. We don’t need a partial refund feature to satisfy our customers.


@uxreview Agree, but the purpose of this Post is to get a feature which helps us to get paid for our hard work. Currently, the Buyers just simply cancel the Order and we lose reputation and money simultaneously. This Feature will help us reduce our cancellation rate as will as will increase our revenue.


Why? Just curious…
The prices here are already near the ridiculous sometimes, if compared with normal prices in "real life"
I believe you shouldn’t put yourself lower if you’re proud of your work and you deliver exactly what your buyer needs.
On the other hand, if you fail to do the latter, then you have to face the review he/she will give to you.
There is no guarantee all the buyers are 100% professional, and that’s valid for sellers also.
Don’t take me wrong but I’m not willing to work for free, and accept 100% refunds, 50% or even 10% just because…
I consider my work as professional, and I cannot make a different beforehand about which new buyer is professional and which one not, and I have 5 years on my shoulders working here.
I understand the difficulties you may face with your Gigs, but I believe that even with your good will trying to improve Fiverr’s system, it is maybe on you to improve your Gigs and what you offer and deliver, in order to avoid those refunds.


I disagree. If you set the right expectations and deliver what you promised, then customer won’t request a refund. If they don’t wish to pay the full price then they can find someone else to do the job.

If I deliver what I promised and get paid then I don’t want to give half of it back later.


Thanks this is a really very good options for seller to get their amount paid and both Buyers​ and seller​ are happy.fiverr it is humble request if we get partial refund options thanks


Hmm… you still didn’t get any order, but are already willing to give money back?
Strange :thinking:
Not what I would call professional…


That’s actually not a bad idea!


But they can abuse the Full Refund option too so what exactly is your point here?
I agree that the option should not be visible to buyers and only sellers