About two days back, I was hit with a blow directly in my face that I could have totally avoided. I met a client via the buyers request feature and everything went on smoothly.

And then things began to turn sour when the buyer wasn’t satisfied with the job. I had to get someone else to do the job and then turned it in. Still, the buyer wasn’t satisfied and then he went on to rate and review my service. His review wasn’t encouraging as it brought my ratings down by 1%.

I complained in a polite manner and then he only revealed to me that he had lodged a complaint to CS for a refund…

Long story short, he was refunded by CS, I was not. I was stripped of two things -

  1. my 1% rating gone,
  2. my hard work and efforts lost,
  3. buyer went on with the job he said wasn’t satisfied with - taking his $$$ and my work away. (I bet that’s what the Fiverr T&C does…)

I was furious, annoyed, angry, frustrated etc And I learnt a simple lesson the hard way.

I’m sharing all this to guide someone out there (newbies)… not to fall victim of this same thing …

And so, that’s the reason for this topic - > Terms & Agreements for Sellers Security

So, after that dilemma, I bounced back.

Then I met a new client (via buyers request today) and I was careful to deal this time.

So, it got me all thinking - Fiverr has provided a way to protect the buyers (I mean obviously they have to, without them there’s no Fiverr). However, the sellers are left with no protection whatsoever, especially from buyers like this…

What If there’s something like a resolution centre before a buyer and a seller agrees to embark on a job - more like a binding agreement (document). So as a seller, I let the buyer know of my terms and s/he decides to agree and then we get started.

Should anything go wrong, we can go back to the agreement to see what went wrong. And If CS gets dragged into all this, they can have the chance to see our Terms and resolve the issue such that both parties involved go home happy…

Would this work? Would Fiverr be willing to sacrifice this for sellers?

I feel that sellers and buyers are vulnerable especially when they fall into the wrong hands. For the most part, some buyers can be very rude, and disrespectful (pardon my words if you find them offensive). Maybe because they feel that you are at their mercy if you refuse to do as they have asked, then you suffer the consequences - bad ratings given, money refunded to buyers by Fiverr’s CS.

What do you think?


  • Sellers do not respond to every buyer’s request otherwise you would land yourself in big trouble.
  • Make sure you let your client know what they would be expecting upfront, and be double sure about this.