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Fiverr should introduce voice recording button for sending a demo


Fiverr should introduce voice recording button for sending a demo to a client because it will help most of the voiceover artist to send a demo to their client and it will solve all confusions rather client does not like the work after purchasing the gig.


If you’re making demos, why not just make a quick mp3 file? I personally don’t do demos (on fiverr) unless they are paid for, so I use my mic setup regardless… Other sites I do free demos and still use my mic setup. I would feel like a one-take voice recording system wouldn’t be a good representation of your abilities and skill.


I think this is a deeper issue of revisions though… would also suggest taking out the 100% money back guarantee from your gig as that leaves it open for a buyer to abuse revisions and ask for their money back/refund. Also in your gig description you say included are ‘revisions’, so I think you might be having trouble because it’s not clear what your policy is when you deliver.


NO I have no issue about cancellation but this is for those who come and text you for a demo of particular script.


Yeah i agree with you .


Thank you so much :slight_smile: really appreciate.


Oh sorry, I read your original post thinking that you were having clients not liking your work after you have delivered. Still, if you are doing samples, you can just make a quick mp3 no? Is your studio setup not accessible at your desk?


I do appreciate your comments but I am talking about when you are not in a studio, sometimes we are outside and people approach us and they can’t wait so we should have a facility to send voice recording like a voice note to them if we want to save time. It will be a handy tool.