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Fiverr should make provisions to choose gigs for buyer request on the app

I mostly use fiverr app rather than the website for some basic activities like responding to buyers in my inbox and sending buyer’s request. The options for the buyer’s request are limited. I don’t have the option of choosing a gig to send along with the response i send on BR like i do on the website. Instead Fiverr chooses the gig for me based on the tag used by the buyer and sometimes the request and the gig doesn’t match.

For example, a buyer may send a BR on data entry but instead they will use 'web programming’ tag. I have a gig for data entry and another for web design which has a ‘web programming’ tag. Fiverr will then choose the web design gig and i can’t change it.

I feel this already puts off the buyer. Like i didn’t even check what they needed before sending a response.