Fiverr should make this forum and site more accessible for people who dosen't understand english


I suggest fiverr should make this website multiple languages i.e. If a french sign in, if he click on french, all the texts should change to french, and if click on english, english should be display. This will increase fiverr visitors.

The 1st person to contact me(am a newbie)is a russian who dosent understand english and he said he had to use google translator


Reply to @arnevb: I agree.


I think it is impossible to do that. I think websites that support multiple languages can change only the text that is under the control of the site itself, not information imputed by the users. So, from my experience, it would take a lot of heavy coding and heavy server usage if this could even be accomplished. As it is this site crashes a lot so I dont think it would be good. Also, it’s unfortunate, but sites in other countries do not do this for us English speakers, (visit a French or Russian site and see if they do this) and English is the universal language right now, so I see no real incentive.


Yea, no…