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Fiverr should not allow a buyer to buy the same gig he has rated below 3

Like the title says, Fiverr should not allow a buyer to buy the same gig from the same seller if he has rated it below 3 once. What do you think?


Nonsense. The review system keeps you motivated for every order.

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Fiverr will never do that, they never demotivated the buyer :joy:


Why should they enforce that? Maybe the seller upgraded their offerings, or the buyer realizes later, that the original was better than they thought when they rated. (Maybe they purchased from another seller after you, only to realize your work is actually a better value.)

As a seller, you can always cancel an order if you think the buyer was unfair to you in a previous transaction.

I don’t see where Fiverr should enforce anything, maybe I’m missing something.


Because a buyer can ruin the career of a seller here using the rating system. The reason may be personal, because the seller is not ready to give freebies or to avoid a competitor. See these threads here.

Also the rating system is not to rate whether a seller is better than another. The quality of his work will not change just because someone else has provided something with low quality or better quality. You have to use the rating system to rate how is your experience with a particular seller. If the experience was bad, why should a buyer option it once again? If it is a different gig from the same buyer then it may be understandable.

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if someone gives you a 3 star review, just cancel any future orders they place, done.


Then what about canel rate? It has a say in your search rankings right?

I think there’s more to cancellation, the time you cancelled an order, the reason you cancelled and some other factors we might not know are put into consideration also. I had about 3 cancellations in a week and was still getting orders but I get less orders in some weeks even when I diont have a cancellation, but overall I don’t think my cancellation did a great deal in affecting my gig ranking.


That’s great. I wish you all success :+1:

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Over time the rating system is to rate if a seller is better than others. Sellers with lower average ratings over time will not be shown as much. Some buyers are less likely to buy from me if I have a larger set of 4.x (or lower) ratings…

If a buyer is just buying your gig to ruin your ratings, CS will usually assist.

Again: You can cancel any buyer who gave you a poor review. If one or two cancellations ruins your Fiverr career, then you aren’t selling enough.

Not all cancellations are equal. And EVERYBODY has some cancellations. Buyers buy something then immediately cancel (sorry: wrong order, accidentally ordered the same thing twice… )

IF you are cancelling regularly, AND more than your peers in your category, then yes, it can become an issue. The warnings about cancellations are because some sellers accept the order, then cancel at the end if they figure out the client is going to rate them lower because their results are just OK.

If they keep doing that it will affect them.

Again, just cancel and say something like “I’m not qualified to provide this service to this buyer…”

Solves your issues.

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Okay, I will keep this in mind.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If he rates you 3 stars, and you don’t want to work with them again because of that, and they order from you again, cancel with a very polite message that, unfortunately, you don’t feel that you’re a good match for their needs, considering the rating they previously gave you, and that you’re certain that they’d be much happier with some other seller. In the same message, you can also ask them not to order from you again, because (enter reason; not the rating, but, again, something about feeling that you’re not a good match for their projects).

If they keep ordering from you, keep cancelling with the similar explanation; if that keeps going, you can report that buyer to CS for harassment.

If the buyer is a competitor who is trying to ruin you, they’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and you can report them for that.


That’s a bummer, I know but if you think Fiverr will take this into consideration I’m afraid you are wrong.

No, that was not my intention.

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Hehe…Not really.Just try your best to deliver quality on the next order.