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Fiverr should NOT allow buyers to post reviews 2 weeks or older

I recently just got a bad 2 star review a month ago order and he just reviewed it today with Poor Experience. A month ago and You review today??? I can’t even remember 1 month ago how can he? Yet I agree the star system stinks, Thanks Fiverr for “Helping” the sellers out…

Another issue. Fiverr should NOT allow buyers to change their review once they posted it. I had one that posted a positive one and then later changed his review to negative unless I do more changes for him. This is after the gig is completed! I hope Fiverr is listening because it’s a HOR.RI.BLE system. And the 5 star system is even worse!

I agree with the both of you. I’ve gotten a review on an order that was delivered 8 months ago (?!). Luckily, CS removed it after I’ve complained… Definitely something that needs to be changed!

I think this issues had been brought up several times to Fiverr, but they are not listening nor seem to care.

I agree there should be a cutoff time. Six months down the road from when they buy a gig they are in a nasty mood and come back and neg everyone they ever bought from due to loser syndrome. L-)

And not just reviewing. I’ve had people come out of the woodwork a YEAR later and request a mutual cancellation on an order, which makes the order active and shows it to be EXTREMELY late. This was before they quit counting mutual cancellations against sellers. So irritating!