Fiverr should not automatically accept orders


Fiverr should remove the automatically accepting order system

Being a seller, its very disappointing that I spent my whole time pleasing the buyer and at last Fiverr automatically accepts the order. Making it more worse is the no review system and every order going into not rated. If the seller is not coming online or not accepting the order for over 3 days, then how come we sellers are at fault. Every time I have to request the buyer to give me a review in inbox and sometimes buyers don’t even get a option to give a review.

It feels my hardwork and efforts are wasted, if I don’t get a review even after the client is very pleased with the service. This way only gig rating goes down. This is seriously not fair on part of a seller. Many sellers would have been facing the same problem. All sellers should request Fiverr to remove this system.


In my experience more than two thirds of buyers leave a review without me ever mentioning anything related to reviews.
The auto complete is there so that you get paid for your work even when a buyer chooses not to review your work publicly.


Suppose auto “mark as complete” is gone.
Now image, a Buyer who didn’t respond for a week suddenly asked for a revision because he is not satisfied. You are busy within another order and can not complete his/her request at the moment. As a result, He cancels the order and you get a 1 star review “Order Canceled. Seller failed to deliver on time”. It will not be mentioned anywhere that “Buyer failed to reply on time”

So, what will happen? Your gig rating will go down.

Moreover, if the Buyer doesn’t leave a review, gig ratings does not go down - they just stay the same.


My too, a lot of client order without message at only $5, can have any way to stop this automatic client order system, i can accept only custom order, have any system. can you help me in this please