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Fiverr should not cut 20% from tip


At least fiverr should not cut 20% from tip. Fiverr will cut 20% from my earning it’s really fine. I’m really thankful to fiverr for giving me this platform to work. But isn’t it like I’m working for fiverr too?
I hope fiverr would consider…

Why take away 20% from tips? (solved)

No you are NOT working for Fiverr.

Fiverr is only offering a platform where you can come and open shop to have potential buyers come and purchase from you.

Fiverr’s 20% stake in your earnings covers, all expenses of marketing, payment processing, overhead charges, and even bandwidth usage.

The reason 20% is charged for TIPs as well, so that sellers do not misuse that by asking buyer to pay $5 for a gig and then the rest in tips so as to circumvent Fiverr’s 20% stake.

Hope this makes sense to you.

Good Luck in your endeavors. :thumbsup:


If fiverr doesn’t cut 20% from the tip some sellers will simply ask the buyer to pay 5$ and issue the rest of the money in the name of a tip.


You are right… I didn’t think that way …


Yeah they shouldn’t take a cut out of your tips


You are using fiverr’s site to get those tips.

If you want to keep 100% of tips you should get them on your own site.
It costs money to run the site.


Fiverr charges commission on tips to make sure there is no abuse of the system. Abuse could prevent Fiverr from utilizing funds to make the site better. See:


Hmm I don’t know honestly, tips are tips. It’s like a waiter working at a restaurant who gets a $5 tip. You are basically saying every time that waiter gets tipped $5 he has to donate $1 of every tip to the restaurant.


Fiverr isn’t a restaurant.


This isn’t a restaurant. And some restaurants take all tips and divide them up equally.

This is a huge website with employees and expenses that need to get paid. The site gets paid first then give us a commission. This is a business we partner with and we come out waaaay ahead of them: We get 80%, they get 20% of this partnership. That’s an incredible deal in our favor.

Anyone who doesn’t like it should get their own site and stop complaining. Think you can make as much someplace else? Get a better commission? Go for it.

Waiters and waitresses get paid less than minimum wage and need tips to live on since they don’t make hardly anything in wages. This isn’t like that.


There isn’t a minimum wage on Fiverr either, some people may be lucky to make $5 a week, while some $500.
Tips should be left as tips for doing hard and good work. I think if you work for it, you deserve it.


This makes sense actually.


Would you rather get tips but have fiverr take out 30%? Because they could do that you know.
I think we get the best of the deal here.


I completely agree on @djgodknows. This way you could easily fraud the platform by asking for a lower initial price and then for the rest to request the tip. Make sense.



This is exactly the point in some ways. If you are an employee at a restaurant, you get hired at the wage they offer you per hour. On Fiverr, you can work any way you want and at any rate. If you want to work by the hour or by the word, you can, and if you want to charge $1000 for 4 hours of work, you can give it a shot. (Obviously that’s a high example, but technically t could happen.)

What you can’t do is charge $5 for 4 hours of work and make an arrangement with a buyer to send you tips until they amount to the balance. I totally get where you are coming from, I was furious when I first saw the commission on tips and didn’t understand it.


I think 20% is much, but when I think I agree with this cut!
It’s great if Fiverr creat new rules for tips, but if they change this someone can make an agreement with buyer and he will put $5 to order and other part of payment as tip and in this way Fiverr will lose money!

I’m seller but Fiverr offer great platform, it also offer security to users and also it makes easier to find your services!

So please think like company and not like individual because if we suppose you’re owner of Fiverr you will need to earn from your website!
I think we need to support Fiverr, because as we want to earn it’s same to Fiverr and it offer great services!

You know have many Freelancer pages but Fiverr it’s the best, I think but that’s not mean I have always right, it’s my opinion! But you will understand better when one day you will be owner of your business, on business you need to think how to earn and when I think that, I understand Fiverr rules!

But I agree Fiverr can do better rules for their users!
But I respect opinion of everyone!



You get hired at below state minimum.

In Texas, a waiter/ress will be earning $2.5-$4/hr plus tips.


You know it! Of course, some people are amazing at making that work for them and others aren’t suited to it. I would be terrible at it because i could offer good wait service but eventually someone would make me mad and I’d just leave. LOL.

I had a friend in college who was saving for medical school and was attractive and personable, so she wore great clothes and makeup and applied the charm heavily. Her customers got to know her and she would hint at how expensive school was an how low waitress wages are. She made friends with the bartender so her customers always got a little extra “medication” if they ordered drinks. She worked 50 hours a week and made more money in a month than my brother in law who worked in the oil and gas industry in Texas.


I have a ton of jokes to say about the reality of things. But in light of recent events, I shall refrain from such… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yah, It’s just like a small gift that you return back to the company that helps you earn more than you expected.