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Fiverr Should Not Cut the 20% from the Tip You Earn?

This is Just a Suggestion to Fiverr to not Cut from the Tip which a Seller earns- Essentially it is something that he/she has earned by their Hardwork and as a Courtesy and a way of thanking the Seller Fiverr Should Not deduct from it! what do you Guys think?


You may be surprised to know that this topic has been discussed numerous times before. If you use the :mag: search feature in the upper right-hand:wink: corner, you will find out how many times and what the reaction to this suggestion was.


I understand what you mean. But there’s a reason why Fiverr does that:


I think they should cut. Because they also have the rights on the tips . They are bringing buyers for us . We are getting orders and earning money for the fiverr .They spend a lot of money to promote the site … So I think they are doing right . And For me amount is nothing . If a buyer gives $5 . I will be happy . Tip is tip . :grinning:


Thank you I Know!! dont be too Smart!! I am a bit dumb

My Friend! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you are doing Great!! Love your Arguments BTW!! You can be a Great Fiverr CS Manager!! these are the Exceptions I think!! Most of the Sellers dont do that I believe!!

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ha ha As You are Comfortable with my friend I respect your View!! It was Just bugging me!! thanks!

You are right . I am comfortable with fiverr fees . Because I know how much it difficult to earn trust of peoples and how much difficult to bring buyers in this competitive world…

And You are most welcome . :grinning:


I was going to quote the same! This topic comes every time :rofl::rofl: It should be pinned at top :joy:


Yesterday I resurrected an Old Post from the Past and the Argument was that Fiverr Changes every day and so what was working yesterday will not work today so create your Own Posts!! that is what I did and it is a Problem today :smiley: also if you dont want to read the post you can actually ignore it I think!! Thank you!! Have a Great Day!!

We read it and its not a wrong thing to create own post :slight_smile: I up to yesterday used to do same thing like posting for each little thing! No worries in that and don’t take every reply serious like we blame you on doing this as its really not against forum TOS.

Thank you!! Have a Great Day!! Best Wishes My Friend!! You are an Amazing Friend!!

Now, now! You should not say such things about yourself. :shushing_face:

Would you say this to a friend? :wink:


Same to you :slight_smile: Will surely meet in next forum post either your or mine! Be it posted 100 times LOL no matter what we want to ask we will create our own :grinning:

Best of luck :blush:

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Might be teasing you may be like you did :laughing::laughing:

Any ways she got the answer and is happy with it.

Fiverr charges commission on tips to make sure there is no abuse of the system. Abuse could prevent Fiverr from utilizing funds to make the site better. See: