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Fiverr should not deduct any amount as its commission from Seller's Tips

Hello great people!
I am here to post my concern that I believe “Tip” is a small present of money or gratitude meant only for seller given by customers for seller’s extraordinary services. Nowhere in the world I seen or heard that owners take the tip of his/her subordinates or workers.
So, Fiverr should also not deduct its 20% commission from the tip given to sellers.

This is my opinion. If you also endorse my opinion then kindly help me spread the word.

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Well people can trick the system. Do a 5$ gig initially and make the buyer tip the rest of the amount. As I can think that’s the reason Fiverr charge the commission from the tip as well.


Hey Usama,
Welcome here and thanks for your first post


I second with this maybe this could be happened too! Nice observation

@usama_sadaqat I am also agreed with your point of view


No. I don’t agree and this topic has been discussed a thousand times already. You have read all of 5 minutes of the forum.

Go do a search for it in the Forum - you will find out why Fiverr takes 20% from tips as well.

You are probably new here. Back in the “old days” (I am talking a over a decade ago when the site was new) if one wanted “tips” we had to create a Gig just for that - and guess what? That Gig was subject to the 20% commission.

So, nothing has changed, and it will likely not change anytime soon, just because you don’t “like it”. If you want to keep 100% of your money (which is impossible selling online even with your own site as you have to pay a payment processor a fee) - so if you want to keep as much of your money as possible, create your own site, drive your own traffic and set your own rules.



Well, this could be possible for orders of very limited budget. But I don’t think that seller would risk his/her earnings entirely on Tip! Tip is optional. What if buyer don’t pay you tip as the rest of amount?
For $100 order in actual and you do $5 gig, can you risk your $95 just to avoid $20? I think not.

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That’s not what I am saying. I don’t want to take 100% of my earning. Of course Fiverr has the right to deduct 20% from my earning. But not from my monetary gift/gratitude (called Tip).

Thanks! Feel free to spread this in your freelance circle as well.

As in there was no tipping feature?
Why not just repurchase the gig instead of making a new one?

If you type " fiverr taking 20% from tips" in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed topic.

The system could be open to abuse by buyers agreeing to pay a small amount for the gig and the rest as a tip so as to avoid the 20% fee.

  • Each Gig you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with revenue equal to 80% of the purchase amount.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page which you agree to when you open your Fiverr account.


Tips ARE part of what you EARN.

Glad you agree that Fiverr “has the right to deduct 20% from your earnings”. (How generous on your part) Part of those earnings are the “gifts/gratuities” a buyer gives.

You want to keep 100% of it and that is just not happening today, tomorrow or ever.



Creating a “TIP” Gig was actually pretty fun and funny (some Gigs anyways) as we would get pretty creative in writing them, because, you could add EXTRAS to a Tip Gig!

So, on mine, I had a certain amount and it said, “For xx$ I will be so appreciative that you thought to tip me” then I had a couple more that were more money (say it started at $5 tip and went to $10 then $25 - you get the idea). So, the say $100 tip would say, I would dance a jig, thank you profusely and take my granddaughter to lunch!

I saw on some Tip Gigs where they would say, “For some high amount tip … I will be eternally grateful!”

And, no, there was no tipping feature. We had to create Gigs to ask for Tips. I still have mine saved in my account, but it is Paused. The reason they wouldn’t repurchase a Gig is because as stated above, you could create a Gig asking for Tips of various amounts. Some sellers had astronomical amounts too.

Fiverr used to be more of a “fun” type of site when I first started here. People juggling chainsaws, spelling out messages with alphabet soup, pretending to be someone’s FB girlfriend to make someone else jealous or painting someone’s logo on their body somewhere. Now, it is all corporate here. A lot of those “fun” Gigs that got Fiverr started and noticed got deleted about 5 years or so ago, because they “no longer fit the site”.



Thank you for sharing a piece of intriguing fiverr history. I think I saw a ‘I’ll dance with a chicken’ gig last month :thinking:


Yes, I am totally agreed with you because Fiverr taking 20% of total purchase if Fiverr allow the tip with no commission the people will use the system as abuse example if the people deal around $100 the will just place an order with $5 and then the remain will give him/her as tip which is $95 without any commission because Fiverr can’t do this.

Hope the newbie understood!

Fiverr taking 20% of the total purchase if Fiverr allows the tip with no commission the people will use the system as abuse example if the people deal around $100 they will just place an order with $5 and then the remains will give him/her as a tip which is $95 without any commission because Fiverr can’t do this.

You’re joking right? A lot of people are desperate to receive reviews.