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Fiverr should provide real time update of Impressions and clicks

Hello, I would like to suggest that fiverr should show real-time updated information of impressions and clicks. Generally, fiverr update impressions and clicks after a few hours or sometimes on the next day.

Thank You

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How will live impressions and clicks make you a better seller than the current daily update?


Dear, if you see your updated impressions and clicks in real time, you will get more confidence. And as a seller I always in a doubt whether my gigs are ranking or not, Is it visible to others or not?
Everyone have different way of thinking but according to me this will help psychologically in building confidence.

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I think next day is enough.

How can that boost your confidence? If anything it would be depressing to see thousands of people seeing your gig and not clicking on it. The system is fine the way it is. Instead of building confidence, try boosting your skills, that will certainly help you obtain more sales

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Fiverr always try to better performance this services

Just recently, for a few months, Fiverr couldn’t handle daily Gig analytics. I’m not sure how any user could think the site could handle real time analytics for the foreseeable future.