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Fiverr should reduce 20% charges

anytime a buyer orders a gig lets assume $5 and it is completed the amount earned will be $4 while fiverr takes $1 i believe there must be a total decrease to $0.40 deductions it affect new sellers like us.
or better still for every withdrawal made between $5-$100 deductions of $5 need to be removed

  • a withdrawal of $100-$200 deduction of $9 need to be removed
    a withdrawal of $200-$300 deduction of $15 need to be removed
    a withdrawal of $300-$400 deduction of $19 need to be removed
    a withdrawal of $400-$500 deduction of $25 need to be removed
    and so on and so forth it really sucks new seller like me when my first buyer orders a gig completed it and fiverr removed certain amount like $14 out of $65

what"s your suggestion on this?


Let’s not start this topic again.

The current fee format on Fiverr is here to stay. You don’t have to like it, but it is fair and reasonable to everyone. You get to keep 80% of what you earn, while Fiverr earns 20%. This is Fiverr’s site. They are entitled to make a profit from us using their services, just as much as we are able to earn a profit from the services that we offer to our buyers.

pls are you the only one on fiverr i need a cogent reply- what i am saying is really fair since you are a level 2 seller thats why you dont feel it at all.

It’s your choice to put your gigs up on Fiverr. If you don’t like the rules you may leave and explore other options. If you feel like you are not making enough money you can always adjust your gig prices. For me considering that the buyers are ordering from me and I don’t have to go out and look for clients, or spend money on advertising 20% is fair. If you check the forum archive you will find a lot of duplicate posts on the same topic so I can understand why @jonbaas reacted the way he did :wink:

Interestingly enough, this is also not the first time that the OP has complained about Fiverr’s fee structure. My “let’s not start this again” comment was directed as much at the OP, as it was the many new threads always popping up from other users not happy with having to give up 20% of their earnings to Fiverr.

Why keep asking this? It will stay at 20% no matter how many times you complain.

Your suggested fee schedule does not make any sense.
Withdraw $10 and get $5 = 50% ?

did you really read my post @ricksper

Hey guys, I love Fiverr so much that I think we should put UP the charges to 30%!!! Enough with the moaners! It’s time to share the love with our benevolent masters!!!

The business aspect won’t allow for what you propose. Most businesses pay money for banking transactions. When Fiverr charges someone for your Gig, they have to pay a fee relative to how much it costs. Some may not realize that for many businesses it costs for ALL transactions. Therefore, Fiverr pays a fee to pay money to you as well. That’s in addition to all of their other business costs. A $65 transaction carries more risk for Fiverr than a $5 one. More risk equals more costs.

I am from the art world, where the ‘fees’ we artists pay are sometimes 35, 45, or even 50%, and that could be to a ‘non-profit’ business. I can honestly say I am satisfied with the fees Fiverr charges. Would I like more money? Sure. Do I think it’s unreasonable? No.

I believe Fiverr encourages you to use some of your earnings on Fiverr (rather than withdrawing them), where you get ‘more for your money’, if I’m not mistaken.

Please be wait and try your best then you got your happiness from Fiverr.
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Talking about duplicate threads, I would like to suggest @fiverr to include a ‘smart search’ when user is trying to post a new thread… Exactly similar to the one which you find on stackoverflow website, when trying to ask new question.
What say @jonbaas ?

I say, contact Customer Support and suggest the idea. :slight_smile: