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Fiverr should release earnings earlier(around 5 days) during COVID times

It’s tough times for all the freelancers with jobs drying up and we honestly don’t know what the future holds. Most of us are the only person working in their families and they completely depend on you for survival. If FIVERR, can’t take a call now on release of payments earlier it would give an impression of not be empathetic to the needs of freelancers.

I believe it should be decreased to 5 days instead of 14 days. We all need our money early in these times. What do you think?


While I’ve always thought 14 days to be excessive and I would be happy if my funds were released earlier I don’t think any of the points you brought up are actual valid points.

Freelancing is uncertain in its nature and while I sympathize with people that may be struggling during these times that’s not exclusive to Fiverr and it seems unfair to pin that on them the way you did.

Would I be happy if they did? Yes! Could it increase sellers morale? I think so. Is it evil if they don’t? That’s going too far


I agree to the uncertainty in the lives of Freelancers but many freelancers also do other things apart from freelancing in normal times or when the economy is functioning normally. The Times are tougher now for breadwinners and it will get tougher in months to come. I never said that it would be ‘evil’ (BTW we are already having an EVIL we can’t see in our lives).

What they can do for ‘Top rated Freelancers’ release in 7 days they can use the same for all freelancers? What’s wrong or evil in becoming empathetic to the lives of freelancers in these times? I believe its fair. We can ask for it as a part of community or raise a discussion. Whether they do it or not its completely their call.

Don’t you think it’s also tough times for fiverr? Don’t you think they are also loosing money? Do you realise that they also get interest from the bank for keeping money there for 14 days of pending clearance?

Fair is when it’s win win or loose loose situation for both parties. What you are proposing is a win situation for you and loose situation for fiverr because they will loose cash from a bank that they are struggling with now. Why don’t you want to be empathetic to fiverr? Why do you only care about your immediate need and not the needs of a company that keeps you afloat?

That’s just some thing to think about and a different perspective. The same as @urdeke I also would’ve been happy with them decreasing pending clearance time. Well, actually no. At this point I don’t really care as I have a steady flow of money clearing every day so I don’t keep an eye on when they will be cleared anymore.

By the way some people said that they did implement for some sellers expedited funds clearing for each order but of course you’ll have to pay extra commission to get your money in one day.


Come on … I said take 7 days and not 14 days … I am not saying give me my money the next minute … They won’t loose cash just that they shall only earn an interest for 7 days … Not bad for COVID times … Its a win win for freelancers as well as Fiverr. I also took in account their immediate need and not just mine, if you have read my reply properly.


Of course they will loose. It’s a simple math: if instead of getting cash for 14 days they will get cash for only 7 days it means that they will loose 50% of what they could’ve get on interest from a bank :woman_shrugging:
That 50% profit loss. how is that a win situation for fiverr if they are going to loose 50% of their profit on interest?

It’s like fiverr will tell you “you know how you used to pay only 20% on our fees, well not you have to pay 50% but don’t worry it’s a win win situation for you and for me because I charge you only 50% and not 90% and you still will get 2.5$ on your 5$ order”
That basically the logic you are proposing.

So basically you are OK with them not lessening the days for release of earnings from 14 to 7 right in these times? You have been very considerate about the other side which is good but not the freelancers here I feel … You have any proposal that can help ease the lives of freelancers? Can you put forward any solution? I have put forth my argument, you can now put for your argument to ease lives of ‘Freelancers’ … Please put in a solution.

You obviously didn’t read my post and just heard what you wanted to hear. But don’t worry, I will copy paste here again for you answering your question

Freelancers is a unstable job, you choose you take this (freelancers) as your income source, then don’t complain too much. It will be better to find more stable job instead of Fiverr :slight_smile:

And another perspective point of view: everyone loosing jobs right now and freelancing with online services is the only hope for everyone. So if this is your only hope and no stable job in offline then fiverr is your only way of making money? So that means if not for fiverr you wouldn’t have had income at all? So if they are the only way for you to earn money why would they decide to loose money if you’ll stay with them anyway because it’s your only way?
You do know how leverage works, right?

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I think you still don’t get me … I haven’t proposed anything vague … I have proposed a solution of say ‘You can release money instead of 7 days’ and of course since I am not the decision maker of Fiverr … It’s an open thing to discuss they can reject it or give it a thought … I initiated the post with an open discussion about the number of days a release could be made as a freelancer facing the COVID issues … I believe giving vague things to platforms would not help, it shall help them understand our issues better if we are clearer in what we wish to communicate with them.

I think you are taking the discussion in the other direction and not talking about solutions.

And I already answered that fiverr heard people saying that and implemented this :point_down:

It’s all in my first post if you read it :woman_shrugging:
I’m just quoting myself to answer all your questions again.

When you think about humanity you think about all humans … Mine was not a specific proposal for a specific category of Sellers … It was for all sellers … Why should we differentiate between sellers? Everyone contributes to the platform and also the platforms helps them grow in finance and reach out … If you read my original post, i have mentioned anything related to specific sellers … My idea is getting earnings earlier should be for everyone and not a specific set of individuals. In these times, it looks horrible in these times.

Also as you have mentioned in your quote,
“By the way some people said that they did implement for some sellers expedited funds clearing for each order but of course you’ll have to pay extra commission to get your money in one day.”

You will have to pay extra commission to get your money in one day … I am saying take 7 days and give us our earnings … Also not fair that this is available for specific sellers.

Difficult times is difficult for everyone. For sellers, for buyers and for companies including fiverr.
It’s question to fiverr and not to me why some people have that feature and some don’t. If you want you can open a ticket with fiverr support and address that issue.

Look you are again thinking of how to make life easier for yourself. But let’s take an employment case because it’s still quite similar:
You are working for a company, then covid happens and market take a huge hit where your company is loosing money. Then you come to your boss and telling him “hey, you know it’s tough times right now and I think you should make it easier for me and instead of paying my salary once a month to start paying it twice a month because you need to care about your employees”. What do you think is going to happen to a company that’s already loosing money in a crisis and you are proposing to add extra work, extra payroll, less cash with bank interests and other implication that you don’t even think about? It simply might go bankrupt and then you wouldn’t even have a job not even talking about having your salary paid twice a month.

That’s how economics works. I see a lot of entitlement on the forum this “fiverr should do this, fiverr should do that, fiverr owes me this and that” where in reality they don’t. They recently IPOed and all their obligations is to their shareholders and their employees not to people who decided to use their platform, simple as that, that’s how capitalism works.

Fair, fair, not fair. That’s what I’m trying to explain to you: you are asking for fairness from your point of view and not thinking if it will be fair for a company point of view.


I believe in democracy a topic can always be discussed and debated. The people who run a democracy are smart enough to get their eyeballs to that discussion and work on it. This is a forum of Fiverr, for Freelancers … I think the right platform to put forward these suggestions.

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Again, you are giving a different example to something that doesn’t resonate to the lives of freelancers. Our lives in normal times and our lives now. Also, I am again underlining it … I have asked for a change to all the sellers … and not be partial to a specific community … If they decide to make a change, it will be for all … All would be the beneficiaries of it and would be proud of working on a platform that understands what they are going through. The scenario of getting paid twice a month never never resonates with the freelancer community … We all get paid after the work is completed + the duration of release (No exceptions here) … Also the company doesn’t pay me, the client does … So if the client has money to pay, the platform here has to just fasten the process once the work delivery is made.

Let’s keep our debate only to the duration of the days of release and continue with the debate further.

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I am pretty new here but I agree with whatever you are saying. It makes sense in these times. A Company should be considerate.

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To be honest I wouldn’t debate further because you are just repeating yourself and I’m a bit tired of answering the same points.

You are still thinking of your entitlement and not what would it mean for the company.
It’s fiverr who decides to whom they roll out this system. Of course YOU want it for everyone just because you didn’t fall into the category of those who got that feature.
What you are proposing is basically a socialism theory where everyone should get the same treatment. But unfortunately for you we are living in capitalism era.