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Fiverr should release earnings earlier(around 5 days) during COVID times

Socialism or Capitalism … These times are different … If we don’t start thinking of everyone around us including animals, soon we shall be extinct. Everybody wants to earn money, no doubt. Everybody wants to survive, no doubt. But everyone can lessen the burden on others, reach out and help in some way or the other. I believe we should do it everywhere not just on Fiverr … This is the time to raise our voice, reachout … If not today then when? I feel Fiverr is lead by individuals that are considerate and would think about it. I can just hope, and believe in the pursuit of happyness other than being a freelancer in these times. Wish you well! Take Care :slight_smile: Times are tough :slight_smile:

Times are hard. 14 days is a long time to wait. But if you keep working, you would hardly notice it because there will be a steady flow of clearance. And tbh, you can survive an extra 14 days if it’s not a life threatening emergency. If you have a steady flow of orders (relative to the rate of orders for your gig.), which you should by now, considering you’ve been on Fiverr for a while, you shouldn’t be watching dates because every other day would be another 14 days for another completed job.

I sincerely wish you all the best

Is this possible on Fiverr?

If they already implemented it it means that it is possible.

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Alright! Thanks so much.

Sellers always come up with reasons why they shouldn’t wait for 14 days to get their funds, with or without the pandemic. At the end of the day, though, it’s Fiverr’s decision. Others have already asked for faster clearance during the pandemic, and if Fiverr wanted to implement it, they would have done it by now.

They didn’t, so I guess that’s your answer.


They actually did offer fast payout option since last month with a 0.1$ fee, that is a game changer for us who do fiverr full-time and only source of income.

I do not like people comparing fiverr with other platform or “Freelancing” in real life. Fiverr is a totally unique thing to the new era. Because of fiverr I able to use my hobby and earn a living in a decade of time just doing fiverr. If compare to real freelancing in real life, especially in my local country, sure I quit long time ago.

Fiverr did listened to seller so they implemented the fast payout option with a small fee and I LIKE THAT. Thanks fiverr!

Oh… ! Lets hope for a better future​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Interest rates are not any type of profit. They aren’t revenue, they make up the small difference that is turnover minus revenue.

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I’m not sure what is it you are trying to “explain” to me because obviously from my previous posts I do know what is “interest.
Take 107 million $ that they made in sales in 2019 and you will get a pretty handsome interest from a bank on that amount.
No matter small or big it’s still cash that they Need and that they are struggling with.


7 days IS a big risk for Fiverr which you would understand if you did your research. That’s @mariashtelle1’s point.


I am agree with you to statement

Remember most invoices work on net 30 terms and I’ve had clients who will wait 2-3 months before paying. 14 days is more than fair for me after chasing payments from so many clients.