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Fiverr should request confirmation from user before money withdrawal


I recently clicked on the Fiverr revenue card option by mistake on the desktop site (Earnings page) and the withdrawal process was immediately initiated with no option to cancel it. I received a mail asking me to confirm the withdrawal and never responded to it in a bid to have the process reversed. Nonetheless,the money was deducted from my account. I simply suggest a confirmation should be necessary for money withdrawal.


That is weird - if I don’t click the link in the confirmation email, then nothing happens, my earnings remain in my Fiverr account until I decide to withdraw. So whenever I change my mind and want to cancel the withdrawal, I simply not click that confirmation link, and money stays where it’s at.

But if you say your money has gone, then it’s either a bug, or, I don’t know - have you checked your paypal/credit card to see if that money has arrived? Because if it has not, then maybe your account has a security risk.

Nevertheless, you should contact Customer Support :wink:


The money is safe and sound in my debit card.


Read Fiverr TOS, They said when you click it, you get it, they have no power over what happens after you click it…

Moreover, i think you can’t stop the process with Payoneer, infact you dont need to do anything, it just goes to your card, I am not sure of paypal or Fiverr revenue card.


Okay @simboy4real, thanks for the comment.


Last year my account is hacked. i loss 350$ and fiverr suspend my account, i suggest you to follow the security details correctly before you withdraw make sure your paypal,payoneer emails are correct


He is just asking for a confirmation dialogue box when we click on Withdrawal Method button.

Its necessary that Fiverr should confirm the withdrawal. Its not a big task to be added.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about.