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Fiverr should set a criteria to select a TRS

I see many posts and people were talking about level 3 or some were saying only sales were the blood line to become a TRS.

I’d like to offer/propse a good suggestion/way for selectin TRS.

Criteria must be competative or very dificult but it must be here. Like we are running in a black room and we dont know when we will become or what is the ending line to get positions. We are running in selling, making ourselves more perfect according to TOS. But we have a desire of being a TRS but we dont know any perimeter of being a TRS.

Thats totally unfair. This is not a negativity, may be fiverr leading persons have a startgy which is hidden from all of us. But when its about competition we should be judged on equal balance.

Lets start a discussion what should be the criteria of being TRS and we can ping fiverr guys. or at least we can get about some hidden stratgy :stuck_out_tongue:


I can assure you that if you deserve to be a Top Rated Seller you will know it long before it happens. You will be making a LOT of sales every day. You will be making very good money. You will have all your clients expressing their happiness with what they got without any expressing being unhappy.

You will be delivering EVERY order ALWAYS on time.
You will notice in various ways that what you do is superior to what your competitors are doing.
You will know and have complete confidence in what you are delivering
You won’t have any complaints ever.
You won’t be copying any other sellers.
You won’t need to ask on the forum what the criteria are for Top Rated Seller, because you will already know whatever it is, you are there.

There is no need to set specific criteria for this reason. If you deserve it you know it.


I thought TRS were passe. It’s all about Pros now…very happy that someone took time to remember us.


Pro sellers ask very high prices generally speaking, and not all buyers want to pay those prices. That’s the main difference, aside from feeling assured that there was a vetting process.


Thank you for your best tips.

Lets start run in a race with more accuracy.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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