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Fiverr Should think about it

We, graphic designers need complete details of the business (Name, Address, Email, Tel and website) to design client’s Business Card. Today I asked this info from one of my client and GOT WARNING from FIVERR (see attached image).

I’m familiar with fiverr policies but this is not fair with designers, how can we design business cards without buyer business details. Why we bear account suspension by fiverr though we are working for fiverr community.

Please think about this issue.

Hi, to the best of my knowledge, I think Fiverr only has a problem if these details are asked for/written anywhere on the site. Have you tried asking your buyer to send his/her details attached in a Word Document format when they write in their replies for your order requirements? That way, all the information you need will be there in that document, and Fiverr won’t have an issue with it either! Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes I asked information from my buyer in Notepad, I think their robot catch work ‘Address’, ‘Email’, Tel, etc.

Maybe that is why you are not even promoted to a level 1 seller even though you have 34 reviews and counting?

You are right but I’m new and still learning fiverr markeplace. But as a designer I would suggest to give some leniency to graphic designers so they can ask complete contact details easily without any system warnings.

Ok I will follow it. Thanks Kjblynx!