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Fiverr shouldn't charge $1 for tips


I believe that Tips should be granted based on the quality of work. I am happy to tip someone if they did an excellent job. What I am not happy about is Fiverr wanting to get a piece of the action on the tip. I understand you raise your rate from .50 to $1.00. But really, $1.00 added to a tip. You gotta come up with some other way.

For workers who I usually use and do a good job, I simply asked them to add more to their gig as a workaround of being overly service charged with what you have in place.


Let me also add that I am a loyal customer and enjoy the platform Fiverr offers. I have spent a good amount of money here.

I just read a review about tips, and I too agree to include the gig + tip in all one transaction so it can be included and processed in one payment transaction.


I am one of those people who will give 20 to 30% tip at a restaurant to the waitress but refuse to pay the ATM fee. I hate giving money to INSTITUTIONS - basically I know exactly what you mean. I also pay off my Credit Card every month because I do NOT want to pay interest.

I am also an avid buyer. When I’m testing a new seller (as in someone I’ve never worked with - not necessarily a newbie), I typically buy a $5 or $10 gig. If they do an amazing job where I want to tip them - Fiverr insist I pay another transaction fee. That bothers the heck outta me, like it does you.

For my regular sellers, I tip every 2nd to 3rd order - in that case, I pre-add the tip up front to save some dough. (Example: Instead of two $5 gigs - I get four $5 gigs (and tell them it’s an advance tip). If I end up leaving a $20 tip, well, it’s moot - since it’ll be $1 processing fee either way.

Sometimes I do wonder if I would leave more tips if they forgo the processing fee at the end or allowing me to leave a $2 or $3 tip on five dollar orders.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind so much the processing fee of $1 or 20% at the end if they didn’t also charge the sellers 20%. I understand their reasoning behind charging the sellers 20% on tip - basically so that there won’t be bunch of scams - but what’s their reasoning for charging us another 20%?

Let’s do some math:

Seller gets $5 order:
Fiverr Commission: $1
Seller Commission: $4

Seller gets $5 tip:
Fiverr Commission: $1
Seller Commission: $4

Buyer orders $5 gig:
Buyer Pays: $6
Fiverr Fee: $1

Buyer gives $5 tip:
Buyer Pays: $6
Fiverr Fee: $1

Buyer: $12
Seller: $8
Fiverr: $4

Seller gets $5 order + $5 advance tip
Seller Commission: $8
Fiverr Commission: $2

Buyer orders $5 gig + gives $5 advanced tip
Buyer Pays: $11
Fiverr Fee: $1

Buyer: $11
Seller: $8
Fiverr Fee: $3

I used to get my eBook edited by another site where they charged the editors a 50% commission. I thought that was rather steep, so the 20% isn’t such a bad deal - except it’s being double charged.

Well, the processing fee isn’t going to stop me from using Fiverr. I still get heck of a bargain here. I have found several editors and proofreaders, among other experts on this site, who charge fraction of what I used to pay.

I have a feeling you feel the same way I do - some of these seller’s are better than to so called high priced “whatever” on other platforms.

It just eats me up whenever I have to pay another processing fee on a $5 tip. :triumph:


The fee for buyers is a processing fee, to add money to the buyer’s Fiverr account.
It is understandable that this is high (20%) for small amounts however this could be simply overcome if people could top up their accounts with an amount larger than what they are buying. For example, if a regular buyer could add $100 to their account at a low processing fee then I think a lot would do it. This would enable tips to be paid in small amounts for small orders.

As I am a seller, I use my earnings towards buying here so I don’t think I have paid a processing fee since it was 50 cents. I know for a fact that I would be less likely to leave a tip if I had to constantly add money to do so.
It seems like a simple fix, to allow buyers have money on account, hopefully it will happen soon.


Fiverr gets a cut of everything. Why is that a problem? A tip is free money, a tip is money you’re not entitled to, buyers give it out of the goodness of their hearts, to celebrate the quality of your work.

Did you know that Fiverr didn’t always have a tip feature? In the past, buyers had to buy another gig as a tip.

Seriously, you’re getting annoyed by the wrong things. Horrible is having to refund an order, the other day I got lucky. My $50 buyer wanted a revision, I was about to cancel but I explained to him in a nice way, that I don’t work for free, but I will give him a revision if he closes this order. I also asked him not to review it. Now revising a $50 for $10 might seem like I’m desperate, but the truth is I don’t want to lose $50, and I want to get paid to revise instead of doing it for free, and I know it would be insulting to make someone pay me $50 twice for the same project.

So you see? The 20% commission is great, and tips do make a difference, this month I made $60 ($75 - 20%) from tips alone. I don’t care about “losing” $15. I care about losing 100% when I refund. I care about working and making nothing.


That is a fantastic idea! I would most definitely take advantage of it. I am a member of a card where when I get below a certain amount, it automatically transfers $50 dollars.

I could set that up on my Fiverr account to do something similiar. It could do an auto transfer $105 dollar with $100 into my account and $5 their fee. I could buy all the $5 gigs I want and leave $5 tips without hesitation! :grinning:

** Sigh ** It’s nice to dream, even though it will not happen.


Fiverr doesnt charge $1 on tips, but 20%


Fiverr charges $1 or 20% to buyers.

For sellers it’s 20% of any amount. For buyers it’s minimum of $1 up to $20, then additional 5% for any tips given above $20.