Fiverr show Offline


Hello, I recently joined Fiverr My Gig status is showing as active on Mobile apps But Browser showing as Offline which one is right? If it is Offline I can’t get orders please help

Note: But recently I notice that if I reload the Browser page then it show online and sometimes laters again show offline. ( I use broadband internet line.) :disappointed_relieved:



Yeah I had this bug too… it was very annoying. But it seems it got fixed. At least for me it is fixed right now.


same issue with me from last 2 month


It’s not a bug. Clean your browser cookies and refresh account. You’ll be online But If someone wanted to be online 24 hours…That’s not possible…


Its always possible to be 24h, just need some imagination :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah… I know, some people doing bot login for Be 24Hr online - But that’s wrong!! ---- Do you not get sleep? -----
One day - Fiverr will find them and Banned them on fiverr :wink: :smile: :laughing::rofl::joy:


Yeah, that would be good… the thing I hate is the automated replies lol
Or those buyer requests saying “Only the best…” xD


Already I did it (Clean your browser cookies and refresh account). Why not possible? Internet connection okay and the electricity.


keep try - all the best :smile: