Fiverr Showed the Order price in Gig review section


Today I saw a new feature in Fiverr and this stayed for few minutes.The feature is that Fiverr showed the price of each order on the right side of buyer review for each gig.Did anyone see this as me?


Some users have been able to see it on and off for a few weeks. :sunny:

Not me though!


Sorry I can’t see the feature.


so i am the lucky one :slight_smile: ha ha


I did see it, but it was a long time ago.
About a month ago.
I think it is a glitch too.


I can see the prices too.
It seems that we are very few people who can see this new feature.
I have seen that you are a seller on Fiverr. Do you think this information is helpfuf for your buyers ?


I think was not good for the seller to show our price : slight_smile: . :slight_smile:


I think it helpful seller to avoid poor buyer


How though? Cancel if the buyer orders? That affects your completions.


yes too.its helpful in sometimes,but sometimes not.i think its only for the orders that in portfolio