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Fiverr Showing Error In Gig Creation (Retake Test Option Error)

Hello Everyone!

I completed a test 2 days ago and I want to retake it again but I can’t see this option anywhere! Any help would be appreciated!


It is “up to 2 times" in a 3-month period, I only did 1

When I try to click Retest, It just doesn’t work and I’m frustrated. I’m new on Fiverr and it’s my first gig and it’s not publishing:frowning:

You can see in this screenshot, I’ve even passed these two compulsory tests and still showing me that retake the test and that is not working (button is acting like static button)

What’s That For if I haven’t passed the English test? Isn’t it frustrating and they hadn’t solved Gig Impression Problem :frowning:


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yes bro. i want also giving retake test but it shows error to me I.e stuck for waiting period

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But I’ve passed these two test and still showing me same retake test and that button is static :frowning:

ohh! then why u said I give test only once. okay I think they do this because of they are facing problem.

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I’m hopping that they’ll soon solve it :slight_smile:

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yeah bro hope for the best. I am also new to fiverr

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Does this problem solve? I am facing this problem now. I already passed in two skill test but still showing retake test and retake button is not working.

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Yes! This is still showing. i’m going to post it in.