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Fiverr showing irrelevant results since 15 days

Hello Fiverrs,

I hope you all will have the same questions that why fiverr is showing irrelevant results nowadays.

Actually, I am level 2 seller and before 15 days ago, my gigs was on the first page and I earned that position by my sleepless hours, hard work, positive feedbacks, and order completion. It is really sad that fiverr is not taking care of us nowadays and showing our gigs on the last page even using filters.

Also, it is not showing results proper like before.

Does anybody found the same issue?


Having same issue. unfortunately we can’t change the fiverr decisions… :neutral_face::neutral_face:

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It is not Fiverr’s responsiblity to “take care of you”, nor do they guarantee that your gig will show up search results – and most certainly not where you want them to show up. I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t getting what you want, however, if you need more attention to your gigs, perhaps now might be a good time to reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. You can do this via creative and effective marketing efforts. You can read about creative and effective marketing on the internet.

YOU are the only person responsible for the success of your gigs.


try to edit your gig. sometime help this to me.

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Lots of people are facing the issue
Thrown to last page from the first page for unknown reasons
Fiverr is not responsible for our gig position as always told by support team
I’ve read on forum some experiments are going on with the gig search algorithm and we need to find new ways to get our position back


True. When I’m looking for best seller gigs to try, and use the “Best selling” sorting option, first few rows are mostly worst selling gigs, with maybe 10-100 reviews total. But there is usually a couple gigs with thousansd of reviews, which one can call a best seller.


You are wrong sir, perhaps you haven’t paid close attention to the search results. Even guys with just 10 positive feedback are coming on 2, 3, 4th pages. And this is not rotation. I’m checking them since last 35 days.
On the other hand well ranked gigs are on the last pages. Yes you are right that fiverr don’t guarantee for your gig to come up on top. But we are talking about the glitches here. You can check yourself.

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That’s a little insulting. Please do not address anyone in this way.


Editing your gigs will throw gig in last page again or in pending status.


I’m sorry but I didn’t mean to offend you :confused:

Flyers & Posters section:
New gigs are on top whereas best rating gigs are on the last pages. That is a really weird thing.

People on this thread are not looking for advice on how to promote a Gig. They are talking about the flaws on search system.

As you will clearly note, my comments were a direct response to the text that I quoted. My comments are not inappropriate to this topic.

Many sellers seem to keep claiming that “flaws” in the search system are at fault for their gigs not appearing in the placement that they want them to. They’ve been claiming this for years. Yet, Fiverr has repeatedly stated that the search system is working exactly as it is supposed to.

The search results are fluid, and constantly changing – as they are apparently intended to be. No one deserves any specific placement anywhere in the search results, merely because they want that placement. There are many factors that determine where a gig shows up in the search results, and all of them seem to be a result of gig performance. If gigs change placement based upon performance, and Fiverr keeps telling people that that is how the system is supposed to work, then my comments are neither inappropriate to this discussion, nor does it seem right for people to keep blaming “flaws” in the system.

If a seller wants to improve their chances of a better placement in the search results, then it would seem likely that they will need to see a better performance from their gigs – such as, perhaps, more orders, higher sale prices, greater sales volume, more positive reviews, etc.

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I’ve been promoting my gig via social medai, my clients share it as well Usually, getting orders regularly, sending buyers request daily and getting positive reviews as well. I’m active on forum, try to stay online with maximum time i can.
Still there is no change in my gig position, not even from page 16 to page 15.

Is there anything I’m missing out?


Are the people you are connected to your target customers? Are those people who see your posts the very same people who will place orders from your gig? If not, then promoting your gigs to your friends and family (whom most people are connected to on social media) is not likely to bring you more customers.

Being active on the forum does not result in more customers.

Being online – on Fiverr 24/7 – is not going to guarantee sales either. Your buyers can place orders from your gigs at any time of the day, even if you are offline. Sitting online, waiting for orders is usually wasted effort.

Perhaps your gig performance is slipping, or the other gigs in your category are seeing a higher performance than you.

The gigs i see up in the category are mostly new sellers with very less reviews or sellers who delivered their last orders few days back and reviews are also from few days back.
I’m promoting myself to the traget audiance only not just on my social profile with friends and family but on groups where my services can be utilised.

I’m getting new orders almost daily and orders are getting completed as well
Some orders from old regular customers and some coming from buyers requests and some on their own.
All in all i try to get new order daily and complete some daily.

Staying online and active on forum are the things mentioned by support to do to get higher sales in addition to the other things I mentioned.
I hope they are not wrong in telling these things.

Plus staying active on forum is good in a way.
You see other people with same problem and you can discuss your issue with someone and get great advice as well.

What you read is inaccurate. Being acting on the forums does not guarantee that you will gain more sales. This is just a forum for buyers and sellers to interact, learn from each other, and meet fellow freelancers, nothing more. The forum is not connected to your gig’s ability to gain new customers.

You are responsible for taking all actions that improve your gig’s ability to grow and become more successful. Nothing and no one is going to do that for you.


Explain me which factor that displays a gig with 1 review in front of gigs that have more reviews and orders in queue


I doubt @graphicdesignme meant any harm.

Didn’t think you did. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can be interpreted in a number of different ways - in rap music, slang etc. it means something completely different to how I’d have read it as ‘you can try checking the search results yourself’.

It’s amazing how differently things can be read and interpreted when it’s in text form only, and context is missing or can be misread. Also, the way language is used in different countries makes a big difference. :slightly_smiling_face: