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Fiverr showing irrelevant results since 15 days


No one knows the reason for this although gigs are constantly rotated so more of them get a chance to be seen, including new gigs.


I cannot, because no one other than Fiverr – who designed the search algorithm – knows this. Fiverr does not announce the specifics of their search system, because they do not want sellers to take advantage of it.


To me, where your gig showed up is not an issue because, if you are pro seller, there are thousands of you, if you are level 1, level 2 or new seller, there are thousands of people here also. So, if you claim to always be on first page, then anybody with your level or higher than you also have right to be on that page. Then, there will be thousands of sellers in a page which I believe is not possible.
Where you gig showed up is where you suppose to be at the moment, since it not manual and the system does not know or give preference to anybody.
You have been in the first page and someone with higher level than you are also on another pages behind you, tables turn my brother.
Take it as it is now, tomorrow you might be infront again or still go far behind, it does not matter. What matter most is you are promoting your gigs, customer coming back, new customers buying from you and you are making that money.


The comments in this post are very entertaining and i enjoyed reading them (especially the check yourself reference). However i got to get back to work, i got a client waiting.


This is true, I’m also facing gig placement issue since couple of weeks.


I don’t think the phrase “you can check yourself” was meant in the way we in the US take that phrase. It is funny though. I think he meant you can see for yourself, rather than how we usually mean it. :smile: I just looked at the date of the last comment before mine. :roll_eyes: