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Fiverr shows me offline when I use Different Tabs in the same browser

Is it just with me or anyone else that when I am working on different Tabs of the same browser, Fiverr shows me offline within few minutes.

What should I do?

Hi bhaskarsharma24

It happened to me once. I had set the app to be offline and I forgot about. Have you checked you don’t have it set offline in the Online Status section in Your Account?

Another thing could be you have some tabs opened and don’t touch them in 10 minutes when you touch one of them it appears as offline, but then it should be back to green again when you change to another Fiverr page.

Thanks for your response.
I just checked in the app, Its status is online.

I think second point could be a thing here. But sometimes it becomes very irritable when you just wanna show yourself online.

thanks again :blush: