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Fiverr shows that my order is complete but seller has only done part of the order

So the seller has only completed part of the order that I have paid for but fiverr is showing order is delivered. Seller says they will deliver the rest soon but there is no guarantee if fiverr shows that the order is complete when it isn’t. The only thing that I can do I give a late low review and I’ll be screwed out of 200+ dollars. Any recommendations? Only thing I can think of to protect myself is put this under review with PayPal for fraud. I want to give the seller the time to finish the order but if the website closes the order in 3 days.

@Erickward ,

Hey Eric. Hope you did your research or worked with a seller before spending big amount of dollars - saying this so you can get some trust in them before you invest in them.

I for fact know that when buyers order my branding package large sets of graphics I can’t deliver everything within the average (this is per agreement). So sometimes I deliver partial of the order to prevent the clock ticking on my side and after order goes complete I deliver the rest in inbox.

Reviews are the holy grail for us sellers - if your seller is suitable (Level 2+) and has a lot of reviews, than I can ‘almost’ assure you he won’t fail to deliver the rest.

If he doesn’t, than contact the Customer Support and report this issue. I’m sure they will hear you out. As long as 20 days don’t pass after order is marked as completed.

PayPal dispute is the last option you wan’t to use on Fiverr since after this you will be forbidden access to the marketplace forever, at least for using the same email and paypal.

Give them a little more time and drop them a message before taking action!


Thanks Kreativa they are a level 2 seller with lots of reviews. It isn’t as simple as graphics I paid for a business plan.

The reason I’m so concerned is because this is my first order with fiverr. I knew it was a calculated risk when I did it but, I have a deadline which is even more important then the money involving the purchase. That is why I am so worried. You have helped alleviate some of my concern. I did put a ticket in just incase. If the seller doesn’t get it delivered in a timely fashion then I will have to scramble twice as hard to meet the deadline myself.

I’m sorry you’re so stressed about this! I would be, too.

Personally, for big projects like this (for my clients), I try to put together a custom offer. That way, the client knows what to expect, we can set a realistic price and deadline, and everyone wins.

Do you still have the option to request a modification? If so, that may be one option. Otherwise, communication with both the seller and the mods is the way to go.

Best of luck; I’m sorry you’re left scrambling.

I have the same problem with this seller

He never complete the job and I don’t know why the status is marked as complete.

I tried to ask for refund and have not get back my money.

The only thing I can do is to give a poor review for this seller.

How can fiverr prevent such fraudulent seller?

Reply to @chewhoe: I’m sorry but I have to ask just to understand this eve thought you aren’t supposed to call people out - why would you pick a seller who has “porn” as the beginning of their username?

It’s my understanding that if you hit the “request modifications” option the order won’t be able to be marked as complete. It will hold the order, and you can give the seller a new deadline. Then if they are late again you can use the resolution center to cancel the order and have your funds returned.

Best of luck!

Thank you for the positive advise. I have an open ticket and customer service suggested the very same thing and told me if there was any issues to keep them informed and they would hold my ticket open until my order was actually complete. Between the community and the help staff of fiverr. I feel reassured that everything will work out. Thank you all.