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Fiverr shut down my account and deleted my gigs


Hi folks,

I want to share my stories. 3 days ago, I received an email from Fiverr tell me my account was disabled because of violations of ToS. I didn’t know what I did wrong so I contact CS.

The first time, there’s one staff that just tell me that my card associated with multiple accounts and my account couldn’t be restored. The problem is I did have 2 accounts, but I deleted the old one and just link my card to the new one after deleting it. I did think I need a new account so I disable all my old gigs and create new gigs (on the new account). After I finished editing new gigs, I deleted the old account, then linked my card.

I DIDN’T link my card to multiple accounts at the SAME TIME. And ToS didn’t say anything about if the seller can’t link the card with a deleted account and the new active account. This staff still tell me that this is a violation of ToS. I really pissed off, Then, another staff contacted me and say that they would review it again. Then they restored my account yesterday.

I really happy, until I saw my gig has been removed. They tell me that I used someone else arts. Now I’m super angry because they’re all my original. I told them to show the proof to prove it but they just asked me to send the source files. WOW. Okay, I sent the source file and I also ask for an apology. Why can they blame someone with no proof like that??? I know they CAN’T find any proof because the arts are all mine.

Now I’m still waiting for their response.

I do like Fiverr and how the platform work (I’m totally ok with 20% rules) but I can’t relate with the staff who blame me.


I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t really understand why you closed your first account. It seems like you could have avoided a headache by sticking with the original account. As is, though, you should be fine. You’ll just have to create brand new artwork for the new account/gigs and consider all your past stuff null and void. I wish you the best of luck.


Because I had offline for a while on Fiverr but forget to turn on the vacation mode on, so there’re some customers who ordered my gig then canceled it. My old gigs which used to have only 5* reviews became 3.6*. I couldn’t save this so I decided to create a new account with a similar name. >"<


They (Fiverr) restored my gig after I proved that all the images are my original art. (By sending them the source files).

Humh. I’m still angry with the staff who shut down my gig. But now I should focus on my gigs because they are all decrease impression because of shut-down-time.


I am happy for you Anhk! Good luck!


Thank Vickie!
I remember you was one of my very first customers (when I’m using my old nick anh_ksnlk). You’re always kind <3 Wish all the best to you!


Yes, I remember you and the sweet little chibi in your profile picture. :smile: