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Fiverr sided with buyer despite proof of delivery

I’m tired of this site. Fiverr just cancelled a large college flyer distribution order for a buyer who has been nothing but belligerent for the past week. After a few days of them responding positively to my progress, the buyer requested a refund on both their orders once they’d known that I’d posted all the flyers but before I could deliver the gig with photos. I declined and sent photos of the posted flyers for proof. They then accused me of posting the flyers in my home even though the locations photographed were clearly classrooms and public bulletin boards. I declined another refund request and went to campus to take additional photos, including one of me standing in front of a campus sign with a signed and dated message. The buyer still accused me of scamming them. We’ve gone back and forth with increasingly insulting cancellation requests for the past week, and Fiverr has just automatically refunded the order despite me opening a claim with customer support. I’ve gotten nothing but form letters from support, and it’s clear that no one has even looked at my photos. And now I’m afraid they’ll cancel the other order so the buyer can get away scott free. This was not a cheap order, nor a quick one. I am so close to leaving this site it’s not even funny.

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That sucks, I’m so sorry. Good luck with the other order, I hope the same thing doesn’t happen.

That buyer sounds horrifying to deal with.

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Is it possible that you were harsh or, dare I say, rude to the buyer during those “back and forth increasingly insulting cancellation requests”? Fiverr requires sellers to be professional and respectful in all client communication. They have been known to refund orders in favor of buyers because of harsh seller communication. Is it possible that that may have happened here?

NOTE: I’m not pointing fingers, I’m genuinely trying to help. Sometimes things can get heated in situations like that, and Fiverr may have taken that into account.

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No worries! I know that’s a legitimate concern and have ordered from unprofessional sellers before. When I say “increasingly insulting,” I mean the buyer often sent me all-caps messages ranging from demanding a refund to calling me a liar and a thief, among other things. I told them I would not give them a refund when they said I was unfit the job after I said I’d posted all the flyers but before I could deliver the order with photos. I called their behavior “suspicious” when they tried to cancel again after I posted the photos, so I suppose that could be taken for an insult. But I have my own my suspicions that Fiverr didn’t even bother to read the messages before cancelling. Everything seems to be automated now. The buyer’s behavior just reeks to me of someone trying to get work done for free, considering they only asked for a refund after they knew the flyers were up.

What was the original reason they gave?

Also, why tell them you posted all the flyers but wait to deliver the final order?

It’s odd you would tell them that but still have not delivered the order. I would think you would let them know that upon delivery. It sounds like you told them that and they demanded a refund before you delivered it. You should never tell them that without the final delivery with the pictures.

I’m sorry this happened to you. I have the opposite experience with customer support with them always being on my side in any dispute. I’ve only had a couple of disputes, but both times they were in agreement with me.

I get the impression that they are VERY good at seeing what the true picture is in a dispute. Generally it’s not hard to see.

Did you at first deliver the order without the pictures?

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I see… you said to buyer your work is done without provide any photo proof. Its danger for seller.

My suggestion, next time… you request for extended delivery if your photo pruf not ready.

But I’m sorry for this situation. Base on your text information, It’s seem you deal with unfriendly buyer.

Yeah, I fully admit that was stupid and will not be making the same mistake again. I didn’t tell them that I posted all the flyers and then wait for delivery, though. I told them I would finish around a certain time and send the photos after I was done. Either way, the buyer opened a dispute on the grounds that I was not able to complete the job, before I sent the photos. The delivery still hadn’t been made before the dispute was opened.