Fiverr sides with a dead beat on Fiverr platform


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Order fragglesrockCancelled

fragglesrock will design Graphics Designs for $5


star Ordered from fragglesrock on Friday, February 01 2013 18:00 Conversation with fragglesrock

Your payment for this order was successfully collected by Fiverr. Seller will be paid when order is complete. Expected delivery by February 03, 2013.


This guy is a dead beat and fiverr let him jack me around for well over a week from when he was to perform they canceled the order for him… Not much credability on Fiverr side of things he should be band from the site…

Sheriff’s note: Please do not ‘call out’ users names on the forum. Contact Customer Support or the seller if you have any issues please.


We should have list of pinheads that don’t need to be here so we know what were dealing with


It sounds to me like you never provided the information needed to begin the order.

The screen that says “REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN ORDER TO GET STARTED” is where you put in the instructions. If you do not fill that out the seller can’t start the order and the clock doesn’t start for the deadline.

So if you skipped that part then the order was never placed. And, how would the seller know what to do if you do not provide instructions?