Fiverr simply the best


Hi Guys, i feel lost in the middle of the jungle, am the only guy from my country(TANZANIA) who is in Fiverr,
But surprising enough i don’t get much orders no matter how i try to customize my Gigs. Please advice


What are you doing to promote your gigs?


sharing them in other social networks like twitter, linkedin…


Is that where your target customers are located?


You offer sending postcards from Tanzania and planning trips to Tanzania. Have you thought about offering services that are more in demand?


Please guide us what you doing to promote your gigs?


most likely.:slight_smile:


definitely but customers are kinda choosy!!


@ilovenish - Sorry. I’m not going to tell you exactly what I do to promote my gigs. You have your own customer base. You need to figure out who YOUR customers are, and you need to figure out the best way to reach them and tell them about what you do.

What I do isn’t necessarily going to work for you and your gigs.

If you’re serious about your work here on Fiverr, you’ll figure out how to build your own success. Take the advice of others, but be willing to do the unique work required to build your own unique Fiverr gig brand.