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Fiverr site does not load correctly

Hi all! Since yesterday evening my Fiverr site doesn’t seem to load correctly. When I click on “messages” it overwrites the page I’m currently seeing. Eventually - after refreshing it a couple of times - it worked. I could see my conversation. But I’m unable to make a gig offer as it is not displaying correctly (fonts all over the place).

Does anyone else experience those problems? and if yes, how do you fix it?


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hi… i recommend you remove your cookies and history …
open you browser > press “ctrl+h” > click on clear browsing data > click on advance button > and then clear all data from beginning
after this process you will be able to load your site correctly

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Thank you so much! I will try this!

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@createva you are most welcome… !

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Simply Ctrl+F5 is okay for reloading new data from server.

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if someone using laptop then don’t forget to click on function key “fn” otherwise the F5 button will not work…


Thank you - very helpful!