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Fiverr site is getting flooded with new sellers with fake reviews. what is fiverr support doing about it?

I dont need to prove this i can just browse and tell marketplace is flooded with new sellers with fake reviews. I am also watching other forums where sellers buy fake reviews. They are not just buying one or two reviews but 2-3-4-5-6 10 reviews , drip feed reviews. Reviews accompanied by script of messages and buying selling scripts. This has gone to the level of ridiculous. Few weeks back a buyer asked me if my reviews are real. I mean I am level 2 seller with 50+ reviews. And he still asked me that.
My question is what is fiverr support doing about it?
It is apparently getting worse. Level 2 and top sellers are leaving for other freelancing site so are the buyers.


I mean CS , can’t really do anything about it. You don’t have the strong evidence to proof it.
And even if CS are banning hundreds of those sellers Everyday ( which you also don’t know)
, thousands of news , same seller will just create a new accounts and repeat the same things

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Seeing the same message multiple times doesn’t at all prove that they’re fake. So support isn’t going to do anything about something you haven’t proven.


Like i said I am watching other forums where sellers buy fake reviews. If you want i can send you the links to those buy sell fake review threads. So ya , I have strong evidence to prove it. Thats just one forum. There are numerous facebook group dedicated to buying and selling fake fiverr review.
Question is not if but what? What is customer service doing about it?

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I totally understand , I , myself , had encountered those stuff. And I did report and inform CS. But there are just keep happening. So why waste your time , reporting them ? Rather focusing on your gig :slight_smile:

The real buyer will know if those fake sellers are really able to handle the assigned task. If they can’t, the real buyer will just rate them Low


These seems to a systematic problem, That needs to be seriously addressed by fiver customer support. Me and you reporting is not gonna help. Since covid locked down it has multiplied 100 fold if not 1000 fold.
Real buyers are getting frustrated and leaving for other freelancing website. So are top rated and level 2 sellers.
So this problem like i said need serous addressing by customer service.

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Don’t need to waste time on this stuff . Not even on fiverr , all the freelancer platform are all having the same problem. People just want to cheat/ game the system. So there will be never an end. So don’t waste your time on these stuff.

There will always have fake review on freelancing Platform.

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How is that wasting time ? I am trying to bring attention to a serious systematic problem affecting me and other level 2 and top sellers.

The Buyers need to be educated enough. Somehow , we can get idea if the reviews are fake or not by checking the profile and reviews. The way the seller responds can also give an idea to a buyer about how experienced the seller is.

Just report this issue to CS, and they will know. We , the sellers , can’t do anything. What can we do?

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2 problems with this.

  1. Lot of buyers are new they cant be educated enough.
  2. “fake review detection” fails if suddenly marketplace is flooded with sellers with fake review.
    Like i said a lot , mean a lot of , and i cant stress enough a lot of buyers are getting frustrated and leaving for other freelancing sites so are top rated and level 2 sellers.

I wanna know what Customer service is doing about this sudden and systematic problem if at all?

CS will banned those buyers& sellers . But won’t let us know .

Its not the problem with Fiverr ONLY. It is with every site. It will happen every time, even when Covid is over. Everything has a good side and a bad side so its just the inevitable bad side of the rating system. We can’t do anything to stop it.

banning thing is clearly not working, just check the marketplace.

I dont want “us” to do anything about it. I wanna know what customer service is doing about it?

Alright guys , i am out for now.

How you know ?

Above :point_up:

Peace out. Thank you.

People will always find a way to cheat the system

Any source for this?

You can try asking them, but due to the privacy policy, you’re unlikely to get an answer.