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Fiverr site not working with newest version of firefox

As of today, fiverr no longer works on firefox which I suspect is because a new firefox update just went into effect. Nothing loads when using firefox. No matter what I click it just refreshes the page. My inbox and notifications show they are empty. However, none of this is an issue on Google Chrome.

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Fiverr themselves have stated that the site is designed to work best in Google Chrome. Because of this, it might just be best to switch to using Chrome when working on Fiverr.


I use firefox and never have any issues with it.

Try clearing your cache, deleting a few cookies (make sure you won’t need them later!) and closing the browser completely before restarting.

#2 daughter just “restores previous session” on opening her browser for the first time each day. If you’re doing that, it may be that one or more of your open tabs are interfering with your Fiverr one.

Restarting didn’t seem to work, but clearing the cache worked. Thanks for the tip.

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