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Fiverr Site Slow? In Sri Lanka?


since few days the site is very slow. is there is any other sellers face this problem too? I’m a sri lankan seller, i just want to know is this only for Sri lankn sellers due to ISP providers? if yes what is the connection you are using? (Dialog/ SLT) ?

Please advice

Thank you

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The issue is with ISP providers. i’m using SLT connection & my net speed also slow.

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I’m using Dialog 4G. but it also slow. please kindly let me know if you got any news how to fix this.

yes, its vert slow.specially waiting for the delivery upload button and loading the main page. Is this the side effect of the recent issues of blocking and slowing down the internet ??

I think so. Just want to make sure that Fiverr has any updating or under process or does this problem come from our LK government limitations.

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how’s your internet in general? maybe switch isp

I have a cable provider for internet and Fiverr is :zap: fast! :sun_with_face:

Are you in Sri Lanka, Vickie? :thinking: A weekend getaway? :airplane:.
I think OP is asking if other Sri Lankans are having issues.


@nikavoice I thought since the OP said this:

That she was curious about everyone. But maybe she meant only Sri Lanka people? :thinking:

this is really bad. has anyone tried to request a cancellation to an order?! it seems the submit button is not working!

submit button is working. but you need to wait atleast 3-5 min once you load the page. it is working for me with Dialog 4G. but once i open order page, i have to wait 3-5 min to fully load the page.

Thank you

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