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Fiverr Site Suggestion - Let Freelancers Have References

I think that the idea I am about to propose could be something which helps set Fiverr apart from other freelance platforms. That said, I think it could also attract some controversy. In this case, it will be interesting to see what others think.

First, let me explain the context. For over 10-years I worked with a company where I rose up through the ranks to become a regional manager. During this time, I was tasked with hiring a lot of new employees. When doing so, there was one thing which I could guarantee would see a CV (resume) not pass my initial screening process. - This was a significant gap in a jobseekers work history.

At present, I am in the very fortunate position of being able to walk into something like my old job with relative ease. I left on a high note of my career and I still have a few contacts. At the same time, though, I’m also starting to walk a bit of a tightrope.

A few of my former colleagues have already moved on to new pastures. It is, therefore, not inconceivable that in another few years, I won’t have any contacts left at all. Then if I ever reapply to work with my old company. I will do so with a 7-year gap in my work history and no references to speak of.

Of course, I can say if I apply for a job anywhere, that I have been freelancing for X amount of years. However, if I was in the interviewer chair, I’d then be wanting to know why the person in front of me couldn’t supply even basic things like a few client references.

Given the above, I have come to the conclusion that Fiverr might want to consider issuing sellers something like a formal letter of reference. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a letter of reference saying that a seller worked for Fiverr. Instead, it would be a letter / PDF document, stating that a seller has been selling on Fiverr for X amount of time, what services they have offered, how many orders they have processed, and what their rating is.

Ideally, each letter would also contain a link or QR code which people reading it could click / scan to be taken to a Fiverr page which verifies the authenticity of a document and confirms the information detailed therein.

If done right, a reference letter could also be used as a pitch letter which sellers could send to off-Fiverr clients.

It is fine to send off-Fiverr clients a link to our Fiverr profiles. However, a semi-official reference letter like that which I envisage would give the impression that Fiverr is proud to say it supports / is home to certain freelancers. I would even go so far as to suggest that more sellers would see value in things like Fiverr Learn courses if there was a mechanism like a reference letter in place to showcase qualifications off-Fiverr.

Of course, a feature like this would cost money to implement and be open to abuse. In this case, I would suggest that Fiverr only makes it available to Level 2 sellers and higher, and charges for the service. Those who see value in it like me would be happy to pay.

Anyway, that’s it. What do you think?


You could take some screenshots also. I doubt fiverr would send out recommendation letters or letters verifying anything since we are not employees.
Fiverr probably also doesn’t particularly like to hear of us seeking out other employment activities, just a guess though. This wouldn’t benefit fiverr in any way that I can see. Fiverr isn’t like your ordinary business where you can request letters like that. It’s just a website where we advertise our services.
That would be like running ads on Google and asking Google for a letter of reference.

You have lots of positive things you could take screenshots of however.

I think any business owner under 50 would be aware of how many people are self employed on the internet and see that as an interesting thing with a very positive image for you as someone who is a free thinking modern person. People are fascinated when I tell them about fiverr.

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Perhaps I didn’t clarify my point. This wouldn’t be a letter of reference sent out by Fiverr. It would be a document sellers could pay to download which simply states that a seller has been a seller for X amount of time an offers X services etc.

It would never be insinuated that a seller works for Fiverr. In effect, you could even call it a lead magnet which resembles a reference letter.

This looks clumsy and isn’t proof of anything. I could easily photoshop myself as a TRS or Pro seller. This is why I’d recommend that letters / documents include a link or QR code people can use to verify the details contained in a document.

I think this is unrealistic. I’ve scored work writing for brands and magazines which while sourced off-Fiverr, have resulted in more sales on Fiverr. I am not a fan of marketing Fiverr gigs. I consider it a waste of time. However, I do see value in directing some off-Fiverr clients to order from me on Fiverr for the simple sake of convenience.

This isn’t my experience. I can safely say that after 7-years of freelancing, I have failed to convince anyone who asks what I do that I am not a drug dealer or an iphone repair person. Of course, it depends on the industry.

I get approached regularly on Linkedin by Maltese igaming (online gambling brands) looking to hire content writers, etc. However, my old coworkers in the hospitality industry don’t understand what I do now. Neither does anyone on my local business scene.

Many people are aware that they need a sales copy for their landing page. They kind of just don’t understand that this could be provided by the man who walks his dog by their house every morning. As far as they are concerned, such things come from an email to marketing and some magical combination of Internet and recruitment wizardry.


So someone named Cyaxrex has been selling services on fiverr. How would you prove it’s really you unless your name really is Cyax Rex? Or you mean they would use your real name in the letter. I’ve never had anyone disbelieve or think it was weird to be working full time on the internet. But I’ve never applied for a job so that might be different. But really people should be aware of this and it makes me wonder about them if they don’t realize that lots of people are employed this way.

I would offer to show my tax returns probably to prove that I was employed on the internet although those don’t tell what company I work at. They do show I’ve been self employed as an internet worker.

They say a picture can speak a thousand words. I would hesitate a chance guess that someone I was approaching off-Fiver or in real life, would see a similarity between my profile picture and the same one I use on my blog, cv, etc.

Actually, the last time I used an accountant, they tried to insist that I must be employed by Fiver since that is the name of the company sending me regular payments each month.

That said, as I stated in my oiginal post, I would ditch a job candidate at the screening process if they seemed to have a considerable gap in their work history. I wouldn’t give them an opportunity to show me their tax returns, and I’m petty sure I wouldn’t be allowed to ask for that information.

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This would be an amazing feature to have and would be attract a more professional audience to the site as a whole.


I was hoping some people would see it this way. Nice seeing you btw!

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I’d love that. I’m considering to apply for a residence visa and the visa lawyer asked me if I had anything a bit more serious-looking than a bunch of screenshots of my fiverr analytics to showcase how much of a businesswoman I am. :slight_smile:

It’s not like I can email any individual buyers to get a recommendation letter, stamped and signed.


I always had him down as Mr. C. Yaxrex.

I like the idea. I think the idea of calling it a reference won’t wash with Fiverr but the idea of having something downloadable which could be sent to clients and contains my Fiverr vital statistics in a neat and presentable way would be a nice idea.
It’s something that I would have use for when approaching local/off-Fiverr clients and it’s likely that it would encourage people to visit the site.
Sending a Fiverr link is ineffective as those unfamiliar with Fiverr just see it as another social media channel. Yes, of course we could all make something in Canva or hire someone to create something showing the info we want but that would be a missed opportunity for Fiverr I think.


This is the basic problem. If we were allowed more direct contact with buyers, there wouldn’t be a problem. That said, I understand why communication limits are in place and my idea is really all about compensating for these.

What if the fiverr seller was terrible, or had their account banned or lots of terrible reviews, or did other things that were bad? Do they get the letter too? What about mek sells? Why not allow sellers to make these letters for other sellers based on their analytics and reviews?


I don’t even know where Cyax Rex came from. However, I do know that it obviously reads as two words. - Or am I deluding myself?

This is what I would basically like. I have a feeling the term reference wouldn’t wash either. However, I do think that if implemented it would help moe sellers sell moe and add credibility to what they do. - And no other freelance platform is doing it. I imagine if Fiverr did, it would be well received.

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Sure. But they don’t have to use it, @misscrystal - that, I think, is the point.

I think this may be a not too bad idea, @cyaxrex - just a simple pdf with sign up dates, lists of services provided, dates possibly … and maybe the stats available from the buyers’ side of the site.

A Fiverr One Page, if you like …

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Or what about a downloadable certificate, the kind like doctors have from the schools of learning they attended. With a gold embossed emblem in the lower corner. It could say COMMENDATION from FIVERR for exemplary service from __________ to ___________. We proudly present to CyaxRex on this day __________


This whole freelancing thing is so abstract that I’d die for a certificate to frame so people finally believe I have a job with achievements and stuff.


You could also purchase small portable engraved glass awards.


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I think I made it clear that only sellers above Level 2 should have the option for this and should pay. As for counterfeiting, that’s where a clickable link or QR code would com into play.

It would be a free money earner for Fiverr and only available to active users (not banned users).

I think my using the phrase ‘reference letter’ is the issue here. This would not be that. Rather it would be a verifiable statement of fact regarding the fact that a seller has an account, offers certain services., and has a specific rating.

It would serve well as a reference letter (even though it would not be one) as today most companies are only willing to state how long a person was employed for and what their job title was, out of fear of legal action if an employee disagrees with the likes of a personal recommendation.

I would just show my tax return. It has my income and the fact I am self employed on the internet.

But if you are downloading that fiverr will know you are job hunting and while they won’t ban you for that you could face some other types of downgrading.

Yeah, it clearly read as two words.

I’d love to think that Fiverr would consider doing something for the “generally good” sellers rather than thinking about the rubbish sellers or Mek-sells and how they could try abuse it.
It isn’t an endorsement or reference, it’s simply a well presented document showing all a seller’s info in a concise way. If a seller’s info is rubbish then this won’t work for them.

That just proves you worked somewhere or earned money. It does nothing to say what you were doing and so it doesn’t help in either of the mentioned uses for this. I’d also not like a future employer to know my past income or salary negotiations could be pretty one-sided

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There is a file of earnings we can download. That probably doesn’t have our real name on it though. This also raises an issue of having something that might be accessed by hackers with our real names on it. Anyone I was thinking of working for would need to simply believe me when I described my work on fiverr. Maybe that’s unrealistic. I prefer working in very small companies though. But mostly I’ve preferred being self employed. Why go from self employed to being an employee? With a boss?