Fiverr site too bright


Hi, when I logged in today the site looks like it changed also too bright how do I fix this?
I logged in on mobile device via safari and it looked like this from mobile but now it looks like this from my computer…


That’s how it looks to me and I think to everyone. My eyes burn.


Really, this is just making me angry. No available now and no new theme. This is not cool.


I still see the black zone :smiley:

Exactly!! I also like it :grin: but probably until I get it :sweat_smile:


Wear shades? :dark_sunglasses:


Perhaps you could lower the brightness a bit?


I wonder if they make any kind of a shade to put over the screen?
I feel like I’m starting to go blind from it.

I may try to find some sunglasses to wear that are not too dark.


Between the version of your screenshot and the black version I have had another “light” version without communitiy, messages, selling… at the top. It was a 3 bar menu with a left menu (as if I was using a tablet!). It wasn’t good… so many clicks… And to come on the forum I had to click on the link in the footer of the website. So bad! It lasted about 2 weeks.

The white version does not bother me because I use blue light blocking glasses and laptop anti-glare filter but this is a really bad idea from the design team if so many people are embarrassed.
Let’s wait. This version will perhaps disappear in 2 weeks.